Stereo Times list of the " 2020 MOST WANTED COMPONENTS"

Stereo Times ( has just posted its annual list of the MOST WANTED gear for 2020. I believe that you GON members would find it an interesting and informative read.
Nice article and at least components at the reasonable prices to high end. Good to see Canary Audio 350’s and C1800’s/ I have the Canary Audio Grand Reference 300 B and the C1800 Pre-amp. The Grand Reference delivers 125wpc with 16 300 B tubes. Great sound and power.

I am considering the Rockna Wavedream DAC and Net server, so the write-up on the Wavelight was timely for me.

The hORN Symphony are great speakers. I was looking at hORN Universum which is the big big brother. They are not well known in the USA. They were a finalist for my two channel system until I ordered the Viking Acoustic Grande Voix speakers.

The YG Hailey is an awesome speaker....maybe a little hefty in the price category.

I am happy with my pair of Wireworld 8 ethernet cables.

Thanks for posting.
Nice to see the King Sound Queen V Hybrid in the list. I reviewed the King Sound King, and afterward the King III, for I own the King III following review. King Sound has an uncanny knack for getting it right with ESL. So, I'm not surprised that a King Sound speaker made the list.   :) 
I WANT a pair of the Townsend speaker support stands and have them on my wish list for 2021. The Koetsu is too heavy for my tone arm, but sure is pretty. The rest I don't want.
@akg_ca  that's the point, it's their most wanted & it's not all "uber expensive ".
What are you bitter about? It's just an article on some of the gear that they've what? Do you just want to have a dig at people who can afford ultra high end equipment? Or do you just like moaning? The people in the article love music & hi fi just like you.
We're not all the same but isn't it nice to be amongst others who have the same passions...?
Interesting list. I'm happy to see MHDT get some well-deserved recognition.