Stereo Times list of the " 2020 MOST WANTED COMPONENTS"

Stereo Times ( has just posted its annual list of the MOST WANTED gear for 2020. I believe that you GON members would find it an interesting and informative read.
+1 for ebm’s sweet reply that kinda nails it  ....”... most wanted to THEM (emphasis added) .... not me...”

A quick pass for me on any further in-depth read for many esoteric, and uber-expensive offerings that simply bypasses the experiences and budgets for the vast majority of us; and not carried even by the vast  majority of high- end audio dealers.

Quite a lot of interesting stuff there. Townshend for sure deserves to be a "Most Wanted", something I know from experience. If they got that one right well then maybe they got a few others right too? 
Thanks for sharing @teajay. That Denafrips ARES II looks real interesting, especially for budget minded.

Also, why does there seem to be the need for snarky comments or to  denigrate others' contributions? I don't get it. Anyway ...

Happy Listening! 
Nice article and at least components at the reasonable prices to high end. Good to see Canary Audio 350’s and C1800’s/ I have the Canary Audio Grand Reference 300 B and the C1800 Pre-amp. The Grand Reference delivers 125wpc with 16 300 B tubes. Great sound and power.

I am considering the Rockna Wavedream DAC and Net server, so the write-up on the Wavelight was timely for me.

The hORN Symphony are great speakers. I was looking at hORN Universum which is the big big brother. They are not well known in the USA. They were a finalist for my two channel system until I ordered the Viking Acoustic Grande Voix speakers.

The YG Hailey is an awesome speaker....maybe a little hefty in the price category.

I am happy with my pair of Wireworld 8 ethernet cables.

Thanks for posting.
Nice to see the King Sound Queen V Hybrid in the list. I reviewed the King Sound King, and afterward the King III, for I own the King III following review. King Sound has an uncanny knack for getting it right with ESL. So, I'm not surprised that a King Sound speaker made the list.   :) 
I WANT a pair of the Townsend speaker support stands and have them on my wish list for 2021. The Koetsu is too heavy for my tone arm, but sure is pretty. The rest I don't want.
@akg_ca  that's the point, it's their most wanted & it's not all "uber expensive ".
What are you bitter about? It's just an article on some of the gear that they've what? Do you just want to have a dig at people who can afford ultra high end equipment? Or do you just like moaning? The people in the article love music & hi fi just like you.
We're not all the same but isn't it nice to be amongst others who have the same passions...?
I have some real interest in the SPL stuff.  I find Teajay likes a lot of the same things I do in equipment.  Had a nice conversation last week about it in fact.  I also appreciate that Stereo Times looks for some items off the beaten path.  
A couple pieces I went and read more about, but most of it is not for me.

Although not mentioned but is shown with the The G.E.M. Dandy Polytable, is the G.E.M. Dandy rubber cork compound turntable mat, a steal of a deal at less than $40 bucks. One of the best aftermarket upgrades I’ve made for my table. Thanks Teajay
I've read several very positive comments and reviews regarding the LSA 20 Signature speakers listed in the article.  Has anyone here listened to these speakers or own these speakers?  If so, what are your comments or opinions these speakers?  Thanks.

what defines ’most wanted’?? by whom? for whom? for whose benefit?

more grist for the mill, the self-interested/self-serving marketing machine grinds on

not to say the equipment mentioned is bad, but basis for inclusion/exclusion is not disclosed... neither is selection criteria

yet another cooperative effort by those wanting eyeballs and those equipment makers wanting exposure to boost sales
I am getting delivery of 1 of the items on the list tomorrow, the  Coda Technology CSib integrated though I paid half price. It is supposed to sound pretty good.
Nice and interesting article, good audio is not the exclusivity of Stereophile and The Absolute Sound only.
I liked that they included something from Acoustic Revive.
I found this list to be more useful than I thought it would be, given some of the comments. As someone recently shopping for a lot of gear, there were more than a few things there which would have been within reach and good to know about. I look at such lists with my own budget in mind -- which is framed roughly around a $15k system cost. (It keeps going up, but I’ve not shifted that much!)

So, looking at this list with an audiophile-but-not-extravagant mindset, a number of things would have turned my head, back when I was shopping. The Denafrips and Pagoda DAC’s for one. I don’t have a turntable, but someone on a modest budget who sees a phono stage at $349 would probably be glad to know about the Vincent. I’ve been reading about Aric a lot on these forums, and while this one is pricey, it’s not astronomical. I liked seeing the Coda on the list (so many people just go straight to Pass Labs, it sometimes seems) but wondered where the Belles was. The SPL was a real head-turner; very good looking and, again, not out of reach for anyone willing to spend $6k for preamp *and* amp. Speakers can be so extravagant and so many of the usual names dominate the reviews and forums. So, here, I was interested to see the potential value in speakers from Kings Audio, Spatial, and LSA. The Kirmuss speaker cable also seemed reasonable. My two cents as a relative newbie. FWIW.
The only thing I own on that list is the Origin Live Gravity One Record Weight. It is a very nicely constructed weight. Maybe its bias, but I do believe I’m hearing an improvement, who knows really lol. It’s only money and well, it looks nice. 😁
Puritan Audio's 156 and PSM1512 got top honors. I've never heard of that company before. With the likes of Shunyata and Audioquest, I wonder how the Puritan ranks. I've never seen the term power "purifier" before. The 1512 innards seems less mysterious that the other 2.
The only thing that piqued my interest (and didn't break the bank) were the Spatial Audio open baffle speakers.
@bobheinatz I will. It looks like delivery is now Tuesday. I bought a 2018 model which does not have the CODA #8 amp circuitry. That is not ideal but I paid half price so I cannot complain. The new CODA CSiB is supposed to be better than what I am getting. I imagine it is an evolutionary improvement.

I will try the CODA with the Thiel CS3.7 tomorrow and then compare with Benchmark AHB2 monos on Friday. I have a second AHB2 coming then. My single AHB2, while great it is not as powerful as needed for these speakers. I should have a more satisfying setup later this week.
For those who claim the list contains "Nothing of interest" does
this mean you have listened to them already or just despise the
name, appearance or country of origin enough to know they are out?

I had the Ares2 DAC last month and after 3 weeks had to sell it.
Too harsh. It was a big improvement over the Oppo 205 though.

A friend and longtime audiophile bought the PS Audio direct stream Phonostage recently and loves it. It did catch on fire initially but I understand that subsequent deliveries include an extinguisher. 

Lejonklou is a small Swedish company with some amazing stuff.

So all ye nay sayers can all KGFY in my book!
I appreciate seeing reviews and recommendations from stereotimes that would just not get a look from stereophile. My only concern about stereotimes is that their grading system seems to go from A- to A+. Can’t recall too many non-flattering reviews on that site and a plethora of “greatest this and that I’ve ever heard.”  They can all be good, but they can’t all be above average!  

I own the holo audio may DAC and love it. Wish I could afford to play around with all their recs.
Nice to see the various Cables/Cords make the list.
The CODA gear looks sweet!

Happy Listening!
The Puritan conditioners are just wonderful.  One of the best audio purchases I have ever made.  Great unit. 
@grannyring  Your recommendation seals it for me. I've heard so much about your great posts and work. You're in the pantheon with Almarg (RIP) as far as I've heard. Thanks for weighing in.
At least they got the Puritan recommendation right.

There's more enthusiasm about the 136 and 156 over on Audio Circle, if anyone's interested,
It appears to me the reviewers had to choose a single product they reviewed that most impressed them.  I know Greg and I were in serious discussions of him purchasing the review pair of Rosso Fiorentino Elba 2, so at least in that case it was not just trying to catch eyeballs.  If it were not for the uncertainty COVID brought to the world, he likely would have purchased them.

I imagine the same can be said of many of the products listed.
It's a. welcome sight to see that ADD-Powr got a recommendation.
To my ears, it is indeed setting a new reference in accessories of all stripes - not just tweaks.
This technology is serious business - a well needed disruption to high-end audio as well as pro audio as well as consumer audio as well as...

Congratulations Bill !
Just got the 2018 version of the CODA CSib setup and running.

I am assuming the amp is burned in though it was not used for 7 months by the previous owner. The spec are 150 @ 8 | 300 @ 4 and first 18 watt in Class A (so Version 1 of the CSiB).

The instruction manual does not match the model I have. Mine has sub woofer outputs while the manual only has 1 speaker output. So my unit is a newer version than in the manual. It is not the same level as the current 2021 versions that have the #8 circuitry (I spoke with Doug Dale).

How does it sound. My reference is an all-Benchmark stack connected to my Thiel CS 3.7 (very power hungry). I only have 1 AHB2 amp (another one arrives tomorrow). I need to turn to about 80% of my volume with my ROON Convolution files enabled with the AHB2 for about 65dB of sound. So my amp is stressed. The sound of the Benchmark stack is super clear, quiet, and you have a in the studio experience with this gear.

The CODA is at 58% for about 65dB with the Convolution enabled. So the amp is exerting less effort for the same volume level. The sound is not as clear as my Benchmark stack (nothing is). However, it is not syrupy or warmish like my old Parasound or BAT gear. It is also not hard on top like my old Bryston ST and SST variants. It seems like a great blend of the warm gear I had with the power of the Brystons. I think I will like this integrated a lot.

The CSiB is destined for my KEF LS50’s and also the RAAL SR1a headphone (no kidding). I actually bought this for the RAAL only but managed to figure out a space to get the LS50s setup again. I have not heard the RAAL with the amp, later tonight.

I am going to get the Yamaha NS5000 (replace the KEF LS50) in the future and this amp seems like a perfect match. Very happy with this sound. That CODA #8 and #16 must be special if it is much better than what I am hearing now.

This may not make sense to most of you but I have 2 DSP convolution files for ROON. The one I am currently using has a slight bass bump at 100 Hz for my AHB2 amp. The second convolution is ruler flat in that region. When I tested the AHB2 in mono (with much more power) I had to switch to the ruler flat convolution because the bass bump was too much and giving me fatigue. With the CODA I am using the convolution with the bass bump and it is more bass than the single AHB2 but no so much that is is fatiguing. The bass bump version on the CODA is slightly less bass than the AHB2 in mono. The CODA is not giving me fatigue with the bass bump. I am not saying that is a good thing. I need to check this out further when the second AHB2 arrives. I tested the AHB2 in mono with a single speaker so that is my frame of reference for more bass.
I like how they recommend a lot of components that you do not read about in the big magazines.
After a few more tracks of music, mostly the Waterboys. I have to say this CSiB is great. Is is different from the sound I normally like but it is so damn quiet that I love what I am hearing. It is now on my 2021 Recommended List. Cannot get a more prestigious accolade than that.

I have some Audience FrontRow speaker cables coming in soon. That should be pretty interesting with the CODA.
Love the $15K cartridge.  I think I will get two. Always good to have a spare!
Wish I could get someone to send me a couple of those $2844 each (Almas Beluga) fuses, that so captivated Stereotimes' three reviewers, to try for free in my Cary Monos.      Then again: perhaps not.     I might need to keep them and buy another seven, for the rest of my fuse positions.   HI-FI Tuning Supremes much better fit my (Ikura) budget.   I WILL be trying some of QSA'a other fuses and solder, however!
honey i took a second mortgage out on the house so i could buy upgraded fuses for my hifi

don't worry interest rates are at a historic low

and we can be happy renters if anything bad happens, right???
I considered one of those fuses but when I realized they were not 28.44, interest plummeted...
As a new and happy owner of the Coda Continuum No. 8.. I just have to say.. its plain awesome!!! It took a little time to settle in.. but man oh man.. this amp is the real deal!!! It squarely sits between the sound of a great tube amp mixed with the virtues of a great sounding solid state amp. Terry London was and is spot on with his assessment of this amp...Best sounding amp I have owned...period! Bravo CODA!!!
Hey aolmrd1241,

Congrats! Your No.8 is a terrific piece both in it's sonic performance and build quality. Enjoy!
Infection wrote:

"@akg_ca that’s the point, it’s their most wanted & it’s not all "uber expensive ".
What are you bitter about? It’s just an article on some of the gear that they’ve what? Do you just want to have a dig at people who can afford ultra high end equipment? Or do you just like moaning? The people in the article love music & hi fi just like you.
We’re not all the same but isn’t it nice to be amongst others who have the same passions...?"

+1 at least. I can’t afford the vast majority of the stuff on the list(s). But so what? I do have one of the not "uber expensive" pieces of equipment on the list and have heard a number of the others (some I liked, some I didn’t). Nevertheless, I do like reading what other people who have used/heard the equipment have to say, whether I agree with them or not or whether I can afford it or not. It’s pretty much why read these forums and some audio magazines. Like Infection, I don’t get why some will waste their effort in criticizing an article like the one published by Stereo Times.