stereo system under 6K

here you go guys...a suggestion on which amplifier/pre-amp/speaker and speaker cable and cd player and dont forget interconnect you can put together under 6K..(this is for those not to rich to burn thousand of dollars)
This is not going to be a standard recommendation. 1)CD player - CEC TL5100Z ($800, 2)Amplification-AudioLab(pre/power combo, $2000, or SIMaudio Moon integrated (demo.,$2000) 3)Loudspeakers-Michael Green Design Classic 60 ($2250,, 4)Cables-Cardas Cross.
Musical fidelity Integrated, Musical fidelity Cd player (The current new model) -- $2000 Totem Model 1's or Coincident Triumphs Sigs Or Linn Tukans --- $1500, $1000, $ 800 + Rel Q100e Sub ($900) Vampire wire CCC-II interconnects $75 pair, St-III speaker wire $200 8 ft biwire All for a whole lot less than $6000 Retail. Or if you want to spend more money (closer to $6000) get a second Musical fidelity amp and Bi-amp (+1000 and 200 for speaker wire). Used is 30% less or more.
Magnaplanar 1.6 QR speakers ($1475), Bryston 3B st amp ($1565), Wadia 830 CD player ($3200?), Belden wire cables and interconnects. Just over $6K, CD player drives amp directly. Sounds pretty good to me.
Good suggestions from above, but it depends on what type of music you listen to and how much power you desire. I'm into many kinds of music, but I'm primarily a rock and roller. The systems mentioned above focus on front end components more and are a little underpowered for my taste. I think you could spend a lot less and still get great sound. I've been through many power amps, Bryston 3b, Aragon 4004MKII, Nad 208 THX, B&K EX 4420 and Sunfire 300 x 2 stereo, but I just picked up Rotel's new RB-1090 power amp. It's 380 x 2 and lists at $2000.00, but can easily be found for $1600.00. This amp betters all I mentioned in all areas, especially power. It offers extreme control, power and detail and I beleive is one the best values in audio. Stereophile reviewed this piece earlier this year and they raved about it. Check out cd players from Cal Audio, the Icon MKII w/power boss, Stereophile's referece cd under $1500.00. I picked one up used for $600.00 on this site and am still surprised at the performance. It's not Wadia, but you won't lose as much as you might think, except for your pocket book. Rotel also makes a 995 preamp which I've auditioned and is outstanding for $800.00 list. Check out on for more info. I own a B&K MC 101, which I love, but is no longer made. I see them used for $300.00 to $500.00. Excellent preamp for money, very nuetral. Interconnects, I use all Straightwire Rhapsody and wouldn't use anything else,(120.00 per meter). With all your savings, you could easily have $3000.00 left over, look at Proac Response Series Loudspeakers. Again, highly reviewed by Stereophile. Unbelievable soundstage and bass response, along with beautiful fit and finish. Many models and prices, but look at Response 1.5 which I think lists at $3000.00. I'm amazed everytime I listen to them. This system would offer tons of dynamics and power, along with very good detail.
Go to All their products are reasonably priced. They are factory direct so I figure, when I bought mine, that I'd be getting at least twice the product for the money. I probably got more than that; there engineering seems to be really good. I bought the complete FET/Valve system w/ speakers and it was under 5K.
Plinius 8150 integrated amp with either Totem Signature 1, or Merlin TSM-SE, or Dynaudio Contour 1.1's. CD Transport-Theta Pearl, D/A- used sonic frontiers d/a converter 1 or 2. Cables would include Oval 9, while IC would be tara labs or Magnan Vi. I would probably try to get a used Totem, Merlin or Dynaudio to fit your budget.
You have some very interesting choices to make for $6K. Since you did not mention a turntable/arm choice, I assume you are sticking with CD-only. That said, you can focus on preamps with only line source inputs. Here are some ideas: 1. Preamps: Adcom GFP 750; Bryston BP-20/25; used Audio Research units 2. Power amps: Adcom GF750; Bryston 4B-ST or 3B-ST (E-mail me for a source that offers discounts); Parasound; Rotel; used Aragon 8008. 3. Integrated amp (if you have minimal power needs): Bryston BP-60. 4. CD players: Rega Planet; Adcom GCD-750. 5. Speakers (this is where I'd put most of your money since you are going the CD route, and will have good electronics with the choices above): Vandersteen 3A or 3A Signatures (very musical speakers, and a great value, particularly used); Magneplanar 1.6; Paradigm Reference; Martin-Logan SL-3 (used). 5. Interconnects: I like AudioQuest cables, and don't think you can go wrong with them. The AQ Coral is the replacement for the very popular Ruby (another excellent used buy), and is a a very good interconnect. The other one I strongly recommend is the Kimber PBJ or Kimber Hero. 6. Speaker wire: Kimber 4TC or 8TC. (If you buy Vandersteen speakers, they must be bi-wired for best performance. Either the 4TC or 8TC work well in a bi-wire configuration.)