Stereo sub amp recommendations

Hi all.

Just looking for some advice or recommendations for adding subs to a stereo system for music listening (not home theatre.)

I have a pair of Acoustic Energy AE1s which are currently running full range, and a pair of polk audio passive 10" 'coffee table' subs which I was running off a Yamaha receiver with a cheap and cheerful lpf set at about 90Hz.

This system integrated nicely and the Yammy at full volume provided just enough power to suggest bass, ie, you didn't notice the subs were there, until you turned them off. Pretty much the way I like it.

I'd like to liven things up a bit, and I'm prepared to spend a bit of money on some more serious amplification, but I'd like to keep the budget to $500 or less.

Things I've looked at so far have been the Dayton SA230 and SA100, and the Bash 300. I am not specifically against using plate amps, at a pinch I could mount them intheir own box, but I'd really like to have the controls at the front. I'd like to keep the mid/his running full range, and band pass the subs, I'll still need to do a bit of gain matching to accomodate different programme level etc, so the more control the better.

Can anyone recommend any amps, eiether 2 channel discrete, or mono, which might suit the application? Something with a low pass option would be ideal. I have no predjudice one way or the other for class D or class AB/H, Just dont want to spend too much on them.

Are the Polk subs good? How old are they? Wondering if it's worth dropping $500 on a new amp for these or if saving for some new subs might be a better way to go? Example, you can get a pair of very good powered SVS subs for about $1300 (I'm actually thinking about these myself), so for an extra $800 maybe that's worth exploring? If your subs are really good then just disregard.
Hi Soix. Thanks for your input. The subs seem resonable, I really wont know until I can drive them properly. I guess I just prefer the idea of passive subs and being able to contol gain and other parameters from one location. Also if these subs dont work out I have some other drivers I could use.

There really doesnt seem to be much around in the home hifi world for driving passive subs. Maybe a professional amp and xover might be the way to go?

Still fishing for ideas.
hi, i use a jbl synthesis S400 amp. 200x2 or bridged 400x1. 4 and 8 ohm switch on the rear. these amps were used for dual subs in the mega buck jbl synthesis systems.

one was just on ebay but i cant find it now. it was $350 which is a smokin deal. the amps retail for about $2500-2800. they usually sell for $400-500 used.

for a sub amp one should look for superior low end control.
I'd look at the new JL E-range. If they are merely the the f-series minus the ARO, it'd be a good start

Only current one I know of with a high pass. Up to A406 now.
I use a Crown XTi amp, has built in DSP(EQ, XO, etc). 275W @ 8ohm/ 500W @ 4ohms.
499$ new.
You might like the Dayton SA 1000.
Checkout the Behringer iNuke DSP line of amps ... they're perfect for the job, and do a lot more than plate amps.
Its been a while since I've looked at pro amps. The Behringer iNuke looks perfect for the job and I love the interface. I also have a htpc in my system for playing digital music, so it will be handy for managing the amp.

My only concern is how much noise do those fans make? The last thing I want is noisy :(

I am not familiar with the Crown XTi, yet. Will look that one up.

Are they smiling or laughing?
Good question. I am just shrugging my shoulders and saying wtf. Sounds like the people at Behringer have either too much time or money on their hands.

Really didnt want to tip my hand here, but having worked in professional audio for a long time (20 years), I've hearned to hate Behringer gear - notoriously unreliable.

Just sayin.