Stereo stand with adjustable shelves

I would like suggestions for stereo stand manufacturers with adjustable shelves. I have been using a Sanus stand for about 13 years and a couple things I like about it is that each shelf sets on little spikes and the shelve heights are adjustable. It seems that all those I look at these days have fixed shelves. I like my stand but I am considering something shorter. Thanks, Brian
Salamander cabinets and racks use infinitely adjustable shelving and are available in a wide array of finishes, sizes and combinations. I've have found the adjustable shelving extemely useful during the evolution of my rig.
It might help if you list your budget.
Tvad's suggestion is a good one.
I had a Salamander for a few year...and then when I got tired of my Salamander rack, I made new shelves & used the hardware for my DIY Flexi rack (you can see a photo in my virtual system)
I own the Salamander Synergy System which utilizes different hardware than the racking Bgrazman uses.

Just FYI.
Particular Basis is what I use...I absolutely love it. I had Lovan, various Salamander racks before. They were fine, but the Particular rack is infinitely adjustable, beautiful, and functional. I chose to buy Neuance platforms for each level to really make it great.

Good luck.
i've had two deluxe justaracks (each has 4 shelves) for over 10 years now (michael green audio). audio advisor used to carry them, with the salmanders as a lower cost alternative. the justaracks came in black and a speckled-charcoal finish- neither was very attractive. the hardware could only appeal to a neanderthal...
but- the shelves are almost 2 inches thick and the stand all by itself can isolate even my vpi aries turntable to perfection. it is infinitely adjustable of course. i think you can still get them by direct order- be prepared for several hours (and greasy hands) to assemble them.
i believe i paid $450 for each. i have to say in conclusion that with all due respect to black diamond racing (which i have tried) and all the products i haven't tried, the justarack is all you might ever need (exception given to large turntables of course or anything bigger than 19 in. wide on the middle shelves).
There was a person who was posting a while back that was building solid hardwood amp stands ... I followed the link and he also built really nice looking simple solid hardwood racks. Looks like they build a whole bunch of stuff.

I was going to inquire when my cash reserves build up a little. I cant help but wonder if you cant get a little better product from a person that hand builds stuff. I'm an old frame builder ... I can build a hardwood frame for about the same price as the better Wal-Mart stuff and it's like night and day. The mark up on some of this stuff is crazy and you get press board/plywood. That being said I like the Salamander stuff - this is a lot more simple design. I guess it's all about what you like.

I found the link :

PS - No, I'm not connected to this company in any way ... there stuff looks top notch. Poke around the site - you can get an idea how they are made.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

I have looked at all of them and I like the function of the Deluxe JustaRack the best, it looks to do isolation as well as hold your gear, but as Mr. Fries says, unfortunately they only come in black.

I really like the Cherry shelves that Salamander offers in the Archetype series but I don't get why they don't offer a 4 shelf Archetype. It appears the Archetype is designed more with isolation in mind than the Synergy series.

I looked at the Particular Basis in Dan's virtual system, it is interesting that is for sure.

As for those by Timbernation, they don't have adjustable shelves.

I kick myself for purchasing the 5 shelf version of my stand instead of the 4 shelf.

Of all these suggestions, which I thank everyone for, I guess I would lean towards the JustaRack because it addresses isolation as well, I just wish other colors were an option.

As for price, I haven't given it much thought, but would think a nice rack could be purchased for $500 or less, I would entertain higher costs if it met all functions and was visually more appealing than others.
Brianmgrarcom, you are correct that the Synergy series is not designed as an uber-audiophile isolation system. However, the cabinet is quite sturdy. The shelves are infinitely adjustable, and the cabinets are available in many finishes, so they can be placed anywhere without drawing attention to themselves, which was an important criteria for my wife and me.

To address the isolation issue, I purchased a custom sized Neuance isolation shelf for my Synergy cabinet that replaces the stock shelf. I use this for my digital source. It works like a charm. Other components are on Rollerblocks or Aurios. The solution works quite well, although it wouldn't pass muster with Sistrum followers.

Well, that's the sales pitch. Have fun.
I have found the Synergy line just as sturdy as the Archetype if not more so. After a couple of years of normal room vibrations the Archetypes need to be tightened (takes about five minutes).
The Synergy is solid; especialy if you use the aftermarket feet. They sell all of the individual components separately for the DIYers too. I've been thinking of using the Synergy posts for a closet remodeling project because of the adjustability and durability.
I'd always wondered about the Salamander Synergys when I saw them in ads or on the internet. They look nice, but are they sturdy enough? Two things always impress me when I see them in person. They're much nicer looking live, and they're way sturdier than I would have expected.

I did buy a custom tt platform from Timbernation (wanted different dimensions). Looks great & a pleasure to deal with.