Stereo Speakers - best wall mount solution under 6

Hello everybody!

I'm looking for new speakers to use mainly (85%) for movies, but also sometimes for music. The source will be a Desktop with a X-Fi Music.

Because I don't have much free space in my room, I'd be happy with a 2.0 solution, where I don't need a subwoofer or a center. My room looks like this:


The TV is drawn black, white and brown are some desks. To the left there is a window. As you can see, the geometry of the room is special and the only free space for standing speakers would be in the corners (the red dots - they would be 5 m apart, as the room is around 14 m^2 big).

So, perhaps a better route to go, would be with wall mounted speakers.

Therefore I am looking for

- active speakers or

- passive speakers+amp

for max. 600 EUR. Something with a great price/performance ratio would be awesome Smile.

What would you suggest? I'd prefer active monitors which work very well, even when they are placed 5 cm next to a wall. This way, I'd be able to skip the amp, but I'm not sure if passive bookshelf speakers would not sound better when placed near a wall. Is there any difference between active and passive (in this price range) in this regard?

Also, should I upgrade my X-Fi Music to an Asus Xonar? Would this bring any noticeable performance difference?

Thank you for your time and help, I appreciate it alot!