Stereo Sanctuaries?

Interesting article in The New York Times Magazine today, written by a women.
How would she ever know what is really going on in our world. Mentioned a 1954 issue of High Fidelity magazine in which a satirist imagined a palliative for a henpecked husband: a custom made enclosure in which he essentially sits inside a speaker, soundproofed to shut out the kids and the carping wife. Is that your 'sanctuary' of solitary pleasure? Oh well, I still can't figure out what her yoga is all about. Mar's and Venus is best I can figure out.
I lock myself up in the closet with five Bose wave radios all around me and this gives me the best surround sound effect.
That was a very strange read. It reminded me of a second year college essay class paper. Covered all the bases but not very satisfying.
I'm sitting in my own sanctuary listening to Ani Difranco as I type this. Nothing quite like having your own space dedicated to your hobby. What a spoiled lot we are.
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This just in......according to Virginia Heffernan men and woman are different. Thank you for the update Virginia......and now for something completely different.... a walrus playing an accordian.


Newsflash to women: "If you have to ask why, you don't want to know the answer...."



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We NEED a retreat sanctuary, personally I'm sick and tired of this WAF crap and everything else that goes with it.

Get over it and enjoy the music, this stuff should have been discussed before ANY proposals.

My friend tells me "some people just don't get it"

I'm with Jmcgrogan2,

If the wife can no longer compete with a stereo for attention ore quality time then this really is very sad indeed. Who is to blame? The couple no doubt, but it sure ain't the stereo's fault!
I haven't found a stereo system yet that can satisfy me the way my wife can. Oh well, maybe some day.