Stereo SACD on a Multi SACD player?

I just bought a Sony DVP-NC555ES player and have a question. At this time I only have a two channel setup although my receiver has a multi-channel input. I have my player Multi output front left and right connected to the multi front left/right of the receiver. When playing a SACD 5.1 disk such as The Who's Tommy, is it possible to hear the SACD layer through 2 channels? I guess I don't fully understand all of the bells and whistles and I can't find any reference to this in the manual. My understanding is that Multi SACD will play on a 2 channel only SACD player, can this be made to happen on a Multi Channel player as well?
Yes you can. Look at your manual and set the Sony to play 2ch only for SACD. You need to go to the setup and set the audio output format to 2ch for SACD.
As far as I know every multichannel sacd has a stereo layer. So you should not have a problem.
Hey, thanks for the quick response! I now am in the SACD world...the Dylan sampler that came with the player sounds pretty sweet already. Funny, I am picking up my MF Tri-Vista 21 DAC next week, hope I use it =D
Thinkat... The stereo recording that is on every SACD is an AREA of the disc, not a layer. "Layer" refers to the CD recording that is on a different layer of the "hybrid" disc "sandwich" and which is read by a different color laser in the player.
I'd like to ask a question.
When I put a SACD into my player it always lights up 5.1 and then I have to mess with the remote or players buttons to get it into 2ch.SACD.
I have only a 2ch.system.
Will the 5.1 automatic setting(stinks the way this happens) play back 2ch.SACD anyway or am I stuck fiddling with this dumb Sony?
Most players, Sony and others, permit you to set a preference and will default to that set preference (stereo, in your case). Check the manual.