stereo review magazine

any thoughts on the old 'stereo review' magazine!! i've read them since the early 70's to their end!!!
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Lawsuit from Bose was against consumer reports because of a specific subjective comment that the sound moved around the room. Initial judgement was for Bose.  Reversed by appellate court.’  Cr was flawed in there speaker rating based audio measurements of a musical signal in an an echo ic chamber.  However I won’t buy an appliance, tv, or auto without reading their reviews that are unbiased by advertising.
Unbiased, maybe. Uninformed, definitely. I too was a big believer in CR. Until I started noticing reviews about things I happened to know a lot about. Every single time it turned out they totally missed the point of the product. After a while it got to where I wouldn’t trust them to rate a toaster. Nowadays with it being so easy to find actual end user reviews there is zero point in reading them at all.

Except maybe for entertainment value. Testing a Pontiac the same as a Porsche. Hilarious.
the MX-110z, 240 an Idler Dual TT w a V15 and big Bozaks showed up in 1965..... who needed to read ?

Sensible Sound, now that was a publication breakthrough 
i trust their [CR] car reviews. their beer reviews were pretty on-the-mark as well. their audio reviews OTOH needed some re-thinking IMHO based on how well they rated the bose acoustimass, same applies to SR. granted, i have several bose products [AWMS, wave radio, lifestyle 30, cinemate SR-1, NC headphones] and they are suitable in their realms [well-recorded pop music, anything less well-recorded is intolerable through their equipment with the exception of the SR-1 and wave radio which were probably the best-sounding (overall) of the things they ever made]. their headphones sound veiled, however. 
in 1980 i had a college professor [also an audiophile] who told me it was his considered opinion that julian hirsch had to be deaf. i didn't quite grok this at the time [i was a teenager of limited experience] but it makes sense to me now. he heard "numbers" more than he heard the music, in a general sense.