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any thoughts on the old 'stereo review' magazine!! i've read them since the early 70's to their end!!!
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My dad had a subscription back when it was HiFi Stereo Review. If he had a subscription to a prehistoric "HiFi Review," I don't remember seeing one. By the time I was about 11, I was reading them voraciously. Rex Reed wrote for the rag and his record reviews were incisive, clever and just wonderful.  Julian Hirsch, on the other hand, was just too measurement oriented. He wasn't bold enough to actually offer subjective opinions.  I think it was Harry Pearson who once lampooned a Hirsch-Houck review with the line, "Of all the components I've reviewed, this has definitely been one of them." In any event, my first encounter with an Absolute Sound was a revelation. In short order I was haunting every news stand within 20 miles to find them.
MillCarb -- I still have prince perscriptions to both Stereopile & Absoluto Soundo and I just love 'em. True, I was immensely offended when they went from a Readers Digest mini-mag format to full-on glossies, but I can't throw them out. Too entertaining. Too pretty. The wife is appalled how they pile up in our living quarters.
I was with my dad at the local stereo store when he bought his 901's. Yeah, imaging wasn't exactly precise in the living room where he set them up, but man they could blast the dB's.  Me and my high school girlfriend had many a deafening makeout session. When Dad moved on to Tannoys, I ended up with the 901's. Cutting to the chase, I entered a whole new world of audio-dom when I bought a pair of KEF Corellis.