Stereo reciever / integrated amp suggestions?

I am looking for a two channel reciever or integrated amp. It would be running Jbl s38 bookshelf speakers in a fairly large room. Source would be cd/sacd (considering a used Sony dvp-s9000es).

I was thinking maybe a used nad c370 or c372. What else should I be looking at?

Vintage Sansui AU Series( Au 517or Au717 ) Intergrated Amp...Sound great and will work well with JBL ...
I owned a Sansui AU-717 and it was a fine piece of equipment for that time era.A 30+ year old amp will more than likely have some issues that will need to be addressed.On the other hand,an NAD C372(around $550.00 used/$999.00 new) should give you many years of pleasurable, trouble free service.If you don't really need SACD,I highly recommend the NAD C-515BEE cd player.At $299.00(new)it is a great,no sound compromise, bargain. Just a few thoughts.Good luck with your search.
I fully agree with Tpreaves recommendation of the NAD. NAD actually saved my life recently, when it got pulled out of storage to fill in for some more expensive electronis that just wasn't working well for me. My face still hurts from smiling when I heard that beautiful and familiar sound. I have a C317 integrated I bought new in '97 and it was the best money I've ever spent. That's what I would run to if the house catches fire (don't tell my wife I said that).
Thanks for the responses. I am also looking at used separates (lower priced ones like adcom). I want to get a system set up by the 8th but there are so many choices out there that I am having a lot of trouble making any decisions.

Mark....Having owned Adcom in the past I can offer this advice,NAD is leaps and bounds better across the board.I'm not saying Adcom is bad, just that there's more equipment out there that will outperform it for the same money.Try one of the NAD integrateds.If it doesn't suit you,you can resell for little or no loss.Just a thought.Good luck in your search.
This Blue Circle CS integrated would work well.
How much are you willing to spend?
The Outlaw Audio RR2150 receiver is well regarded and reviewed at $699. Outlaw Audio often has had a Black Friday sale when prices have been lower.
There's an upgraded Accuphase E 202 for sale which would be head & shoulders above anything else at 3-4X the price. I'm familiar with the tech (Randy) who upgraded it and recommend his work completely.
If you think your going to go for 5.1 and that's reason for receiver then check Onkyo.I sold both and Onkyo sounded better at time and still get's high marks.If looking for cheap 2 channel then a Harmon Kardon 120 wpc receiver is very good sound for the money.I have second system with a refurb bought on ebay and it works fine and has plenty of current.Not that well made for long haul (20 year stretch) and there HT receivers don''t go as loud but good value on lower end of price scale.For better sound you'd want the NAD.NAD is entry level high end sound.Also check out lower end Musical Fidelity.
The NAD advice is the way to proceed. Great sound, great value.
Check Audio Advisor for sale items.
Thanks for all the responses. I already have 5.1 (Sony DA4ES reciever) in my den and want strictly 2 channel for the living room.

Anyone know how NAD's "BEE" series compares to their regular stuff? I see I can get a C355BEE for about the same price as a C372. The 372 is rated for more power, what is the advantage of the BEE?

NAD is fantastic, if you can deal with the looks they are tough to beat. I love my 754 receiver I bought from AA a few years ago. Quite modest with their power ratings considering it weighs 50 lbs!

You can google to read about the BEE series. Personally, I consider far above similar priced main stream products.
Actually as luck would have it my NAD C355BEE integrated amp just arrived today! I should have it set up by the weekend.

It is only 80 watts per channel but I have been told it will have plenty of power (average speakers in a large room).