Stereo Receivers from the past...

Perhaps a useless question, but even though I am not a politician I have the right to be useless sometimes! 
In thinking about a second bedroom system...If I were to use a receiver any toughts on good sounding ones you have had.  The best I have had, in the past, were the original Magnum Dynalab 208 and the Nakamichi SR-3a.  I had sold both.  But now with thinking of a bedroom system those do come to mind, but wondering if you have experienced a stereo receiver that you feel is better.  I am not much into compressed streaming but do enjoy a local/public classic Jazz station and the Jazz and female vocals music I own.   Thanks 

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You might also want to consider Kyocera. Often overlooked because they were made only for a short time. I own a R-461 that has served me quite well. Although only rated at 50 watts/channel its MOSFET circuitry gives it a lot of headroom. Very sturdy and well built.