Stereo Preamp suggestion

I intend adding a Stereo preamp with HT bypass and subwoofer out to my setup below
KEF R900 mains
KEF R600C Center
KEF T301 surround
Pair of SVS SB3000 Subs
Mains are connected to Parasound A21+ poweramp and the rest is connected to Marantz AVR 7011.
Im looking to get a stereo preamp with HT bypass so as to enhance the music listening experience.
Any thoughts on which brand/model of preamp I could go for considering that I want the subs also to be activated while listening to music. 
I am looking at the following models of Stereo Preamp:
1. Parasound P6
2. Parasound JC2BP
3. Anthem STR 
4. Rotel 1590 MkII

I tried P6 when it was first released.. find it pretty universal and functional but boring sounding. +1 for Modwright LS100 and Herron VTSP-360 Reference. 
I purchased a Linear Tube MicroZOTL about 8 months ago. I am very pleased. Prior to that i was using my Marantz AV8801 prepro as my 2 channel preamp. Adding the LTA to fill that role made one of the biggest positive changes to the sound of my system. Also, I found them to be a great company to deal with.
+1 on the RP-1.  I know mine has HT bypass but I have never used it.    But I did have a sub set up with it for awhile.   I have mine fronting a solid state class a/b amp and like the tube/SS combination.  Then you can have fun tube rolling. 

You can call Rogue and they will always answer the phone and run you through how set it up with your particular sub. 

They pop up used on here and Usaudiomart for around $1.2k but get snapped up pretty fast.
Absolutely love my Wyred4Sound STP-SE. Don't buy anything else without hearing this one. Some very nice reviews are out there as well.