Stereo pre amp, $1.5K and under (Rotel, Parasound, Schiit)

Hello all;  thinking about some upgrades for my system.  Currently using a Sony TA-E9000es for the pre amp and can't help but think I could see some benefits by going to a dedicated stereo pre amp with a better DAC and (hopefully) a better phono stage.

The primary contenders currently are the Parasound P6 and Rotel RC-1572.  Also up for consideration is a Schiit Freya +/Modius DAC/Mani phono stage.  

Anyone compared the P6 to the 1572, or either one of the to the Schiit?  If so what were your thoughts?

Are the Modius DAC and Mani phono preamp going to be significantly better than the DAC and phono stage found in the Rotel and/or Parasound?
If you are thinking of Parasound, the P7 is a much better 2 channel pre than the P6.

I'd actually suggest the Z Pre as a better pre as well.
If you are patient look for Audio Alchemy DPA-1 + PS 5 outboard power supply (I have these). It is also has a very fine DAC and a headphone jack, or, after this, Peter designed a dac pre for Elac that you might find in your price range, but it doesn't have a outboard PS. Enjoy The Music gave it very high marks
I really really like my Quicksilver Line Stage.