Stereo or Monoblocks for the Salon

I been looking for new amps for my Salon for the last month. During all this time I been thinking of getting a pair of monoblocks. But I read somewhere that using a pair of 2ch amps might even yield better results. Is this true? If I do get a pair of 2ch, do I need anything else to run crossover and etc.

Tubes or SS?
The ultimate will be two pair of monoblocks. I would use 4 direct lines to them with the left channels hooked up in a dual differential setup so that 1 pair is hooked up on one leg of the bus and the other on the opposite.
As for crossovers, it depends on how you wish to hook them up. The easiest way is to veritcally biamp where you use two monos on one speaker one on the bass the other for the high frequencies and the same configuration on the other. You could do the same with stereo amps, however the advantage of using monos is that there is less strain on the powersupply of the amp. Each powersupply is completly independent of the other so no matter what sonics the current source is sending to the amps, there should be less chance of clipping with almost unlimited dynamic headroom. Two stereo amps would be good, just not quite as good as two monos. To do this right, (and with the Salons you can tell the differnce) everything about your cables and amp setups needs to be the same, otherwise there can be some discontinuity between the sound of the bass vs. the high frequencies. So you will need two pairs of the same interconnects, the same amp stands, the same isolation from vibration, etc.
If you do this, you won't believe the sound. The Salons become another speaker. I'm tweaking this setup right now and will be updating my system with my insights soon.
You could use an electronic crossover, but finding a great one is difficult. You would need at least a Bryston 10b. There is a used Levinson crossover for sale now, but I don't know the particulars of its setup. Usind a separate crossover does have advantages, but it also increases the complexity of the setup.
One other option might be to use a preamp with surround capabilities are some kind of processor that can be hooked into your preamp. Then you might be able to use the sub outputs to your Salons, but I don't think I'd reccommend this, but it is an idea.
Hope this helps,
If you want to talk let me know.
My first few amps were stereo amps. My first mono block amp made me think there is just more channel separation this way. I might be wrong.

As always, thanks for the help. I think I am going with Monoblocks.
Solid State monos - maybe Rowland M201, 250W or the upcoming M501,600W per ch.
I heard these with Mark Levinson 33H monoblocks several years ago at the San Francisco Stereophile show in a small room with all reference ML gears and was quite impressed. These are on my short list. Someday when I expand my house to have a dedicated listening room, these will be on the must audition list. I had heard them with Spectral amps here locally, and was not so impressed.