stereo-link 1200

Has anyone used one of these USB dacs, it seems like a much better deal than some other options, how does it compare to an m-audio audiophile or on the high end to an apogee mini-dac, im looking at switching to a hard drive digital source and want an affordable usb option
My PC audio cleaned up considerably when I switched to a Waveterminal U24 USB audio device from a stereolink...
I have a Stereolink 1200 and it blew away my M-Audio Revolution.
You might want to check out the HeadRoom Micro-DAC. I just picked one up, and it's great! USB, Toslink, and mini-coax digital input, and has 24 bit/94 kHz conversion [so it will handle stereo audio from DVD's]. The 1200 will not convert DVD's, and only has a USB input. The Micro DAC has an external power supply, or can be run on a pair of 9V batteries. I'm running mine on battery power only...but you will need rechargeable batteries if you plan on running it via DC does burn through regular 9V alkalines in about 8-10 hours. And it is VERY small [don't know the size of the outboard power supply].

And I can vouch for their customer service dept. as I also bought the portable Cosmic headphone amp [unfortunately, now discontinued] back in 2001...great people to work with!