Stereo Amp To Match With Magico V3s

I want to replace my Marantz Reference Monoblocs with a stereo amp to free up space for a Shunyata or Audience power conditioner. I am looking at Pass 350.5, BAT VK600se and perhaps Gamut D200 mk iii, all used. Budget is $7000. Speakers are Magico V3. Preamp is Esoteric C-03. I think a power conditioner will take my system to a higher level given that power in my town is not great, even from my dedicated 20 amp outlets. I would be happy with the amp switch so long as it the stereo amp does not degrade my sound and sets the stage for the power unit. Currently listening to vinyl primarily (Basis, Herron, Ortofon)and enjoying rich midrange and well defined bass. Thanks in advance for your input.
Your speakers are not an easy load, so first of all you need an amp with driving ability. That means lots of current on tap.
Out of the amps you mention, the Pass or the BAT are probably the safest bet to drive your V3s.
Now as to which one of the two -- I can't help you, I like both for the same reasons (tonally pleasing, wide frequency response esp in the high frequencies, not clinically accurate -- but detailed enough to push the music and the dynamics through...)
It's a very personal thing
I would look for a used Hegel H30
You are right-- an H30 would be great. Cannot say I have ever seen a used one on this site though. Of the Pass and the BAT, the BAT is cheaper so maybe that is the way to go. Any other opinions?
Pass amps I'm using 350.8 with Magico Q3 however you must get a good cord Stealth or Shunyata will sound great,
Hi Teeshot,
How big is your room? A fellow member from another site is driving his V3s using
Accuphase Class-A integrated to surprisingly good result in his 6m x 4m room. Or Vitus
RI100 is also another great contender to look at. You'll not only gain additional space
selling your pre, but extra cash to upgrade on other stuffs/cabling perhaps? Just my 2c, at
your given budget I'd seriously consider a matching high quality integrated amp instead.

*However, in moderate/larger rooms - your route (powerful stereo amp) might just work
My room 14 feet wide by 36 feet long. The speakers are in one end on the short wall. My current amps which put out 600 watts into a 4 ohm load are adequate. I think 200 watts per channel in an amp that doubles down because of its high current capability is the minimum I want to go with.
That's about the size room I had my V3s in and thus agree with you re min power requirement. Used to drive them with Soulution 710 and often thought could do better with more power in order to properly fill and pressurized room.
Ebm's suggestion seems a good option.
Would be most helpful if you tell us what aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you. It would make for much more effective and reasoned recommendations. That said, I agree with Vitus recommendation but doubt you'll find a stereo amp at your price. Heard Q7s powered with Vitus mono blocks and sounded very nice. Also like H30 but again not sure you'll find one at your price. Would shy away from the Gamut as it might strain to drive your particular speakers. Another option might be the Plinius SA103. Only puts out 125W but is Class A and nearly doubles into 4 Ohms so should have no trouble powering your speakers I'd think. Not sure you need 200W to power your speakers if an amp can handle impedance drops but I could be wrong. There's a Stereophile review from a little while back that might be helpful. Best of luck.