Stereo amp/pre combo for mini utopias?

I recently upgraded to JMLab mini utopias, which I will be using in a 2.1 set-up. I have always been a multi-channel/home theater guy in the past, so all of my experience is with A/V receivers and amps. This upgrade in speakers has led me down the inevitable path to wanting better gear. I have no experience in this area, and was wondering if you guys can give me some direction as to where to start looking. I have heard McIntosh gear, and really liked the way it sounds, but that is about as much as I know.

Because I have no experience, I do not even know what is a reasonable budget. I would say I will not likely spend more than $5k for electronics, and would prefer to spend less (who wouldn't?). I would really appreciate it if you could give me some ideas to start so I can do some auditioning. Are there any known products that are a good fit for the minis, from "budget" priced, up to $5k?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.
The Minis are a very fine choice. You are starting off right in my opinion. I have JM Lab Electras and really enjoy McIntosh gear with them. I have tried many amps and some just don't really work with JM Labs - like my CJ MV55. However tubes are good if you have enough power. My recommendation would be an integrated, like a McIntosh MA6900 or YBA Passion or Unison Research Unico SE. Spend the left over money on your source.

The right choice will depend on many factors that no one here can understand as well as you. Your room, tastes, music preferences, sources, etc. Ultimately, you will have to just experiment to find the best match for your personality and system. With good speakers like you have, each amp you try will have its own style come through so you will have to determine what you like best. Good luck!

I would definitely prefer integrated for bot cost and simplicity. I had a friend recommend YBA as well, so I will definitely try to check them out. My house is currently under construction, so I am trying to do some research and auditioning to narrow the list down (as well as keep me occupied). Once we move, I will likely bring a couple different options home for trial.

I love the electra line as well. My home theater in the old place had 806s for mains/surrounds. I fell in love with JMLabs, and really it was between the electras and the minis for me. I just got a better deal on the minis.

Thanks again. Any other suggestions on what to audition are welcomed.