Stereo amp narrower than 18" for Martin Logans

I'm cutting out a lot of good options with the 18" width limitation but I really want to put my amp out of sight in my stereo cabinet. Currently I have the Krell KSA-150 (width a tube Audio Research pre-amp) which has been great although I haven't heard anything else. I noticed many McIntosh amps are 17" wide and wonder if they'd be a good option. I'm also looking for something similarly priced ($1500) that is usually listed on Audiogon so I can get going on it.

This will probably narrow it down pretty well -- any suggestions?
the mac 7300(n)is a great amp.
Thanks -- I'll probably go with the MC7300. It seems to be the right fit and is about the same price as my Krell KSA-100.
Consider a used Meridian 557--200 wpc in a smallish chassis. I bought my Magneplanars after auditioning them for hours--they sounded wonderful driven by a 557.
Kjweisner -- thanks.. good to know that you like that one with electrostats. I'll check it out.
You're welcome. I found the Meridian to be a very "grippy" amp--it seemed to exercise tight-fisted control over those bit Maggie panels. Small point to make--the Maggies are planar/magnetic (vs. electrostatic). Not sure that makes a difference to you, but felt I should make it clear in case it could influence your decision. FYI, I think the going rate for a 557 is about $1K.
A pair of CI monoblocks, D100 or D200, side-by-side would measure 12".