Stereo Amp. for bedroom under 400USD.

Any suggestion??
I use an NAD 2 channel receiver in my 2nd system. I did have an Advent receiver and Hafler separates at one point but I have never missed the these since going to the NAD. I do not know what their current model number is.
Nad is a good suggestion. Bedroom, so I'm thinking maybe a remote? Another candidate might be Cambridge Audio. What type of speakers would you use?
Rotel Integrated
NHT Super 0 speakers - great combo for the bedroom
Smooth and detailed sound, but without the bass to irritate the rest of the household.
Tandberg 3012 is awesome !
How did you build a bedroom for under $400USD?
For a little bit more, Rega Brio is a giant killer... probably better than my Forte1a
Phil, these are all great suggestions. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the above advice.

Five years ago, I started out my bedroom [only] system with an NAD 705 receiver, 502 CD player and NHT Super Zeros with SW2P sub. Now [unfortunately?] it has grown into a full blown high end audio system AND home theater. It's a good thing this will be your secondary room and not your main listening room like me.

Have fun.
You can get a bryston 3b used for $400. You'll have to get a fairly old one, but they come with 20 year warranties. I've had several. 120 watts per channel ought to do it for a bedroom.
IN Canada Rotel RB-951 mkii (with volumn control) is $385
and NAD C350 integrated amp. is $425
Which one is better ??