Stereo Amp , balanced inputs and adjustable Sub ??

I run a 5.3 music system.
Arcam AVR 600
Vaf I-66Mk2 all round
3x Vaf 350 Watts platform Subs.
Sony SCD-1 VSE 7 (Balanced)
Esoteric SA-60
Clearudio Innovation Turntable
Everything sounds Great with the Arcam.I want to use the balanced part of the Sony and Turntable with a Stereo Amp and use the Arcam for Surround music.I tried a LUXMAN L-590 today but the Sub will not adjust volume and blend with the speakers like the Arcam setup.
Is there such a balanced Amp set-up which allows me to use the 3x Subs(Daisy chained) which blend in with the fronts(set to small) like the Arcam.
Cheers Stump
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