stereo 90 Rogue amp hum noise

Anyone have issues with Rogue stereo 90 generating a humming noise through speakers? Tried a cheater plug ground lift but noise still exists-----I tried all other components but it is definitely the amp causing the noise---not dreadfully loud but audible across the room
Is it coming from both channels?

(you did say speakers but just checking)

Is it possibly a bad tube?

good luck
And does the hum remain at the same level regardless of where the volume control is on the dial?

And does this noise remain when nothing else is plugged in? Only the Rogue into the speakers with no RCAs attached to the amp (best to disconnect RCAs at the amp so they don't act like antennas).

Did this noise just begin? Any changes in your system or set-up?
noise stays at same level---all tubes are new actually and test perfect
If that is the case, sounds like a ground loop to me. Look through threads here and elsewhere for potential fixes.

And/or give Rogue a call.