Stepping up from Rega 25 - suggest used turntable?

I have been enjoying a Rega planar 25 turntable with stock arm (RB300?) for about a year. The cartridge is a Linn Adikt. I like the warm sound with good dynamics,...but I recently listened to a new Linn LP12 with the same cartridge, and experienced a HUGE improvement in the depth/soundstage of the music. I am convinced that I need to improve my turntable...but I can't swallow the $5,000 price tag on the new Linn. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for a used purchase in the $2,500 or less range. Also..the TT must be pretty simple..can't require a lot of tweaking. Some of the past discussions point toward Teres, Nottingham and VPI.... THANKS for your advice!
FYI, my phono stage is within my Rotel RC995 pre amp. I have a Rotel RB1080 AMP, and Infinity reference series RSIIB speakers.
hi Zulla
usualy rega 25,s come with an rb 600 is the arm black or silver.if it is silver and a 600,my inclination would be to make an offer for the $1200 teres in analog tables.take the 300 off it,put your 600 and adikt on the teres with some make of vta adjuster.put the 300 on the 25 and flog it for about $700 and for $600 or less all told you will have a pretty awesome set up.I dont know the people selling the teres.
Thanks Brian - the arm is an RB-600 (silver)
Hi Zulla,

How about a suspended Basis? I hope I am not out of line by posting this but I am selling one that I have and it is well below your price point. Your 600 would fit but would need a simple modification by Basis. Basis are very simple but well designed and built. They are set and forget and I know it will deliver the dynamics you are seeking.
I don't know why, but used SOTA tables sell at huge discounts. These are awesome and for $500 to $1000 used, you can't beat it.
I lived with a rega p-25 with a benz H/O ace for about a year or so. I upgraded to a TNT JR / SME 309 for $2600 later adding a Benz Ruby H. The differance in sound was like night and day. I know alot of people are going to recomend a scout or maybe a scoutmaster, what I would suggest is to look for a used TNT mrk III or a TNT JR for I feel you will get more bang for your buck. David
I had a Rega 25 for two years, then went to a Nottingham Spacedeck with Spacearm. It was a huge upgrade. The Rega could not carry the full "weight" of a performance the way the Spacedeck does.