Step-up transformer vs Head Amp vs phono

I have an ARC SP8 preamp with MM phono and a Ruby 2 cartridge with 0.35mv. I need advice on the pros and cons for step-up transformer or head amp or seperate phono stage for the gain. Many thanks in advance.
The phono stage in your SP-8 is as good or better than most sub-$1k outboard units. I'd recommend using a set of high-quality Jensen transformers.
I would like to ask Mikech where I can get a pair of thoes Jensens transformers.... and how to connect it?
I have an SP-8 aLso,I purchased a Lyra Helikon cartridge with same output, and I am running this through an ARC PH-3 phono pre-amp and I love the sound, much much better than the SP-8 with either head amps or step-ups. The ARC PH3 costs between $900.00 and $1000.00 used, and is well worth the money. Good luck.
Edle, I purchased them directly from Jensen. There are two versions (depending on the source impedance of your cartridge). I housed mine in an aluminum Pomona box. Sonically, they're very transparent. See a photo here.