Step Up Transformer housing case -- available?

I see that some places sell bare step up transformers without the case unit. Then, with some housing units, people can assemble and build a complete SUT?

How hard it is to build a complete SUT? Is it a very delicate process since the signal level is so low and sensitive?
Do they sell those housing units with holes drilled for bare transformers and RCA jacks?
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Have a look at this website. You'll probably find what you need there.
You can google the two main manufacturers of project boxes, Hammond and Bud. The boxes do not come pre-drilled, but you can actually buy a five sided box from Hammond and have a top plate custom made to your specs from front pannel express. You can go very fancy if you want.

And yes, you have to be careful with your iron so as not to ruin the transfomers, but lots of people make their own enclosures. It's not rocket science and about as easy a project as you are likely to find.

Good luck and good listening.
Link to below of a sut project I just completed. Lots of photos. This may help to give you some idea on at least one way to proceed.

Many thanks for your input and detailed pictures. I guess I can follow the steps without too much difficulty.