Step up transformer for Ortofon Cadenza Bronze

I have an opportunity to acquire an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze MC cart with only a few hour on it for a great price. The reviews I have read are impressive and in line with my musical tastes. Can anyone recommend a step up transformer to accomodate this cart? An EAR MC4 has been suggested, as well as an Otofon ST-80 by friends. I am interesed in a SUT that will bring the most out of the cart. I will be connecting it to the MM side of my EAR 88pb. Thank you.
The Bronze has an output of .4mV with 5 ohms internal impedance. It will work well with a SUT of between 1:8 and 1:25. The higher the range, the more the highs will be attenuated. It will be a personal preference as to how bright you want the cartridge to sound. The lower the ratio, the brighter it will sound. Personally, I would recommend something around 1:20.