Step up transformer

Looking for opinions on using a step up transformer for an amplifier I am considering buying, it is 230V(I live in the US)and am wondering if using a transformer will degrade the sound at all? Thanks
How big is the amp? In my experience, you will need a step up with at least 50% higher power rating than the amp's max power consumption to avoid degradation. In other words, if you amp consumes 500W at max output, you will need a 750W or higher step up.

Also, make sure you buy high quality. A lower quality transformer, even at the same power rating, will generate more heat. More heat means more power loss which translates into more voltage drop as power demand increases.
Thanks Sidssp! Very informative and exactly what I was looking for.
Sidssp, which transformers out there are good quality?
I don't know what brands are out there these days. The last time I used a step up was over 20 years ago. Sorry, can't be more helpful here.
Topaz (or MGE), Xentek, Deltec are all top-quality transformers. As for power
rating, Sidssp is in accord with many others when he says that 50% more will do
it. Some do say, though, that even more is still better, because even less likely to
saturate on high power draw. If you can find one rated double at reasonable
cost, I would go for it.
You need 1500 watts or higher.
Multi input voltage transformer made by SWALLOW company.
These transformers are made in JAPAN.
SWALLOW SU-2000,2000 WATTS.About 380 dollars.
SWALLOW SU-1500,1500 WATTS.About 300 dollars.
There's a 28 amp Getra step up on Ebay for $27 but I'll bet shipping will be quite a bit. No relation.

Properly (or overly) sized, should be no detriment although some can have mechanical hum... no guarantee. Some benefit through filtering and DC blocking. Some extra power draw, even at no load.