Step Up or Step Down?

What would be a good phono step up transformer to move my phono input from mm to mc? I know of the EAR and Quicksilver. Which others and what would be best?
i suggest you try the benz micro lucaschek pp-1. this is a GREAT stepup in a very small package, built like a fine swiss timepiece:

Man, that's an awesome photo, wonder how they shot that totally chromed finish without any distortion or black showing or revealing the camera or photographer?
folks, albert is tryin' hard not to toot his own horn, so let me tell you: "twas he who done it." yet another masterful effort by a true pro! -cfb

But it was fun, and I (maybe) got everyone to look at the link Conrfed provided?
look at the mithchell kotter (i think it is spelled correctly). it can only be purchased used. it is a very good step up. it is also hard to find as it is sought after. it is better than what you are looking at. imo

Stevens and Billington TX-103s Do a search on the Vinyl Asylum for more info. They don't come in a shiny case (no offense -- sold "raw"), but are reportedly VERY VERY good, and a steal at the price. I have a pair on order to check 'em out.