Step up integrated for PSB Syncrony 2

I'm considering an upgrade from my NAD 372 integrated and I'm considering the Creek 100A. Sources are a NAD 542 CD player and a Cambridge CXN. What other integrated amps might I consider? Thanks
What's your budget?  

I have the Creek 100a and paired it with PSB Imagine T2s and enjoyed it much. I moved to tubes but still bring up the Creek on occasion. The class G amp was powerful and controlled. I really like it and will avoid selling if I can because it's so smooth. 

I would look at the Peachtree Nova300 if I were shopping integrateds. I like Hegel and Parasound as well. 
I recently upgraded my integrated that's driving Bowers and Wilkins 683 S2s in a large room. It's the NuPrime IDA-16; a 200 watt integrated with an excellent DAC.

I'm extremely happy with it. It is an excellent value. Check it out if you get a chance.


Budget is ballpark $1200, looking used. Lots of good choices at that price point it seems.
I have the same question but for the PSB Synchrony One B.
My list:
Belles Aria
NuPrime IDA-16
Hegel H-160
Parasound Halo

Hello All,

I would checkout the Ida-16 very nice overall Intergrated with a dac,only has one analog input for another source though.

I don't own one but a coworker of mine brought his over and we tried it in my system,I would need more than 1 input and I'm more into separates anyway.The parasound would be my last pick of the ones mentioned,too bright,forward and lean in the mids for me.