step up from rotel?

Upgrading my amp, which solid state amp is a sleeper or much better bang for the buck than rotel, looking at the bat vk200 so far any others? thanks,Scott
Some more info on your system,room,budget,etc. will get better responses.Just a thought.
Rotel's amps are pretty good bang for the buck. What about it do you not like?

Some thoughts of amps with good price to performance ratios include McCormack (DNA 0.5, 1, 125), Monarchy (70, SE-100), Parasound, some of the older Musical Fidelity (A3cr, A3.2cr), van alstine, Conrad Johnson Sonographe, Marsh (A200,400).

We can provide a better answer if you have some idea of the change in sound that you would like to achieve, as well as what speakers you are planning on using and, as mentioned in the previous post, information about your room.

2nd the McCormack DNA,Belles 150 or a Stratos unit.
Good suggestions above. Belles 150 is excellent for the price.

As previous posters said, more info about the rest of your system, what you are trying to improve, etc would be helpful.

Here's a thought, though: I had B&W CM4 with Rotel RB1080 + Rotel RC1070 pre and Roted CD player (my first system) and sounded good to me. Then I upgraded speakers to B&W 804S and started feeling the trebble was harsh (unlike what I heard at the dealer's). I ended up upgrading the amp to a McIntosh MC275, which is tubed. Believe it or not, the 275 outperforms the 1080 even on bass (at least when matched with the 804S), despite what specs might suggest. This combo is so much more enjoyable. Great match. And in my case tubes have been maintenance-free, and fun rolling them.

Maybe don't rule out tubes without auditioning them. In the case of McIntosh, a similarly priced SS amp is the MC252, but then you haven't given us any budget so I might be way off the chart.

I hope this helps.