Step up from Nakamichi 582 tape deck?

Have an option to acquire a very good working order 680zx.
At present have a 582 and was interested if those in the know would consider it to be a worthwhile upgrade?

Or would I need to go even further up the food chain? Zx-7 or 700zxl or?

I have just purchased a massive lot of tapes at pennies per tape so do not foresee me forsaking this medium anytime soon .. Lol.
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680zx is definitely a huge step up from 582. My personal experience, 680zx playback sound is very close to 1000zxl. It has auto record calibration and don’t forget the gorgeous meters on it. The only thing missing is Dolby C 
So probably no need to go further than the 680zx?
I think the one I am looking at is very fairly priced so may well take a chance on it.

Thank you
Well, 680zx is a warm sounding machine and has best bass of most cassette decks. If you're OK with auto record calibration then yes unless you find a screaming deal on a ZX-7/9 or 1000zxl. To my ears ZX-7 is a great recorder and a Playback machine but  it doesn't have the warmth of the 680. 

I went with the 680zx although he also had a zx9 for sale but that was a LOT more money, much more than I am prepared to spend on a cassette deck.
We will see when it shows up in a back to back comparison with my 582.
Uber, did you receive the 680? How does it sound?
Not yet, I missed the Fedex truck yesterday and it needing signing for.
Now I am away all next week so I imagine it will either sit in some Fedex storage or end up being returned as undeliverable.

Seller is NOT answering email requests to change delivery address to have it held at a local Fedex location, like Walgreens where the wife could collect it from after work.

Oh well my problems but was looking forward to a comparo but not to be for a while... lol.
Have it delivered to me, I'll sign for it in your name :)

Nice one!
How far down on the Nakamichi "food chain" is a DR-2?  Just bot one.
Probably one of the last decent generation of Nak decks made.
Not too shabby but not top shelf.
However likely to floor a LOT of mainstream Akai, Sony, Pioneer tape decks etc.

As long as you did not pay over the odds and it is in good working order just enjoy!