Step Transformer for BAT VK150 m can it work

Hi there

I want to buy these BAT amps and can get a good deal in the US, where I am unfortunately not from so I have a voltage problem; I can send them to BAT to change the transformers but that is too expensive. Can a step up transformer work and if so do any of you have recommendations?

What is the voltage where you plan on operating the (USA) BAT amps?
Hi Albert

In France, so 220V

Good chance you will get the best performance from the amps if you have BAT change out the transformers....

Stepping up the voltage from 120V to 220V can be done cheaply with a converter. Converters are usually autotransformers. Best way is with a true step up isolation transformer. But a lot more expensive.

Problem is in either case the frequency will end up the same, 50Hz..... If the BAT power transformers are rated for 60Hz only they will mechanically hum louder and run hotter on 50Hz mains and could fail in time.

A re-generator on the other hand will not only change the voltage but the frequency as well..... Cost? For the size you would need probably higher than the cost for BAT to change out the transformers.
No need to send the amps back to BAT. Get the transformers instead. My guess is that the transformers should be $300 each (plus shipping/tax).

Having BAT swap transformers would be ideal, but this isolation transformer will operate the BAT, provided you choose the higher rating. Comments about 50/60 HZ are correct, I don't know if the BAT will operate at 50 HZ and be fine or not. My guess is it will, you have to decide how much you want to spend.

I use this same transformer, except I bought the model that drops USA (125 V) down to Japan (100 V) for my turntable.

The highest rated isolation transformer on the page is about $430.00 at Electronic Depot. That's where I bought mine.

Check out the schematic provide in your link for the transformer. Odd the unfused side of the 120V secondary side of the transformer is not connected to earth ground. The 120V secondary is floating....... Is yours floating?
I'm aware of that, it's typical for Hammond isolation transformer. Look at this link for explanation

I did not use the adaptor as my turntable is a two wire (no separate ground) system.

Off the topic but related, I have no ground on any of my four VTL 750s, they sound better without. I cannot speak for BAT.
IMO isolation transformer is a wrong route. It is fine for stuff that doesn't need a lot of current - DACs, CDPs or the TT you mentioned. Then you can easily get sth with multiple VA rating of your unit.

For a pair of BAT monos, you would need a 4-5kV one, if sound quality is not to be significantly compromised. 5kV transformer is neither cheap, nor silent (you would have to move it into another room).