step inside Klipsch fans and fanatics

What are your favorite Klipsch speakers in all categories, expensive, modestly priced, small (stand mount small) medium, large and xtra large. And what makes you like them so much?     

I don't know how many Klipsch "fanatics" frequent Audiogon but I do own and enjoy many flavors of Klipsch.


I have just purchased an unmodified cheap as chips used pair of Klipschorns. They suit my ears and wallet for most sounds, although for rock/Indie/goth genre's of music I  prefer my Oris 150 horn loudspeakers.
Very interested in comparisons of Klipsch to others by those with experience.

The event that awakened the "audiophile" in me many years ago was first time hearing the Fleetwood Mac album on a pair of Klipsch circa 1977 or so.  

I've had a soft spot ever since but never been an owner.
I have heard several Klipsch speakers over the years and I always thought them to be a little too bright, even harsh for my tastes. I recently purchased a pair of Klipsch RP-160M speakers. These are
6 1/2 inch 2-way monitors.The 160Ms are current production and originally retailed at $540 and have been reduced to $440. About $100 less than the original 685s, making them somewhat equivalent budget wise. As with many, they can be found discounted.  
I am in the process of making comparison with my B&W 685s as driven by an NAD 326BEE integrated (my secondary system). As of yet I have only made comparison outdoors w/o room boundary effects.  I also plan on making this comparison in my dedicated audio room with my main system. Please allow me to get back to you on this. 

Hi there,

     Hopefully we hear your opinion about you klipsh rp-160m. I actually bought a pair of those but I'm a bit hesitant to open it. for the demo that I have and seen online are ic output amp setups with electronic music which is kind of hard to judge on my end. I was gonna drive this speakers with a yaqin mc100b 62-watts per channel kt-88 output tubes on a 500 sq. ft room elevated and positioned from one corner to another.  Let us know and thanks,


Joe, I have not yet made comparison of the Klipsch to the B&W indoors. I have listened to them after breakin outdoors and find them to have a bit of an edge in the upper mids and treble. 

I do believe your Yaqin amp to be capable of driving them in your room. I don't believe they are 96dB sensitive however.

I will get back to you with the indoor comparison as winter approaches.  

I have used a variety of Klipsch speakers from the KG5.5, RF series, and Khorns. My current analog speakers are a pair of Audio Physics Caldera II. I have never used any of the elite horn loaded speakers so my horn experience is strictly Klipsch. My favorite is the Klipschorn but i preface this with an understanding the room and placement of the Khorns is critical and bad placement makes them pretty useless particularly with Bass extension. I have heard that they do not mate well with SS components but i have used them with Pass Labs equipment and my older system which was a Marantz SR9300. I have heard my speakers with a loaner Jolida tube system and it was very pleasant, but did not go with it. i have never heard the Khorns with a SET setup and i understand they shine with the low wattage SET systems. However, i found, properly set up, they are excellent speakers who do not require a lot power to fill a room with sound. The balance between bass, midrange and highs are good depending on the music and i find acoustic or strings  sound superb with the khorns. 

The KG5.5 are the heart of my home theater with the center and fronts using them with rears and sides using rs3 speakers. They work well for home theater

Comparing the Khorns to the AudioPhysics Caldera II, i prefer the Caldera speakers as they are easier to set up and the sound quality is comparable if not better than the Khorns. However, the Caldera are not as efficient hence required an amp upgrade to get the best out of them