Step down transformers for japanese gear

Hi guys,
Lately, I have bought for quite a good price Luxman power amp and preamplifier m900u and c900u directly from Japan (Hifi-Do). I used two EI transformers of 2k each to convert from 230v to 100v, and was very happy with the sound. The only problem I had was high radiation and a little buzz. I found a polish company that makes toroidal transformers and have decided to take the plunge. For 350 Euro including shipping, I ordered audio grade isolation 2k toroidal transformer which sounds as good if not better than the two EI transformers I have. For those who think of ordering gear from Japan, I can recommend this company (no relation, of course, I live in Israel).

By the way, I used to own plitron in the past and was not satisfied with the result.