Step Down Transformer

I just got a TT from the UK that is 220 and I need to get a SDT. Any thoughts on the better ones to buy or can the TT be converted over. The UK seller said they could convert it but had no way to test the TT to see if the work was a
A Power Bright should work just fine. I'm not sure of the wattage needs. I bought one with about 4 times the actual current draw.. just to be safe. Working great so far!
Actually, you need a step-up transformer or convertor. Most electronics stores (maybe not Rat Shack) carry some cheap convertors and that's all you need to drive a motor. A few hundred watts is all that's needed. Don't be worried about any audiophile nonsense, nothing it does affects the signal.
Just plug it into your electric range or dryer outlet -- (only kidding!! ;--)

Actually TT motors draw generally (way) less than 100W, usually 10-30W, so you shouldn't need anything with big capacity.

If it's a well known brand (why don't people ever say what they bought?) with international markets (or even if it's not), always contact the manufacturer first. It might be quite easy to do (or have done), and simpler is always better (IMO) when it comes to assembling audio gear -- if for no other reason than there's less stuff to lose when you move!
Glory, one thing that all the threads advising you have forgotten is the fact that you will have to get a motor pulley for 60 hertz operation as Europe voltage is 50 hertz. The motor will not run at the correct speed.

The TT is a Voyd (no longer made) and Peter Q of Audio Note told me to use a SDT, or that's what I remember.
I want to make sure I don't get the wrong one.
Is there anyone out there that wants to come to FL. by the Gulf of Mexico that knows how to set up a Voyd TT?.
More of a problem is that the UK power is 50 cycles not the 60 cycle/sec that we use here. A transformer will not change this. If the TT uses a synchronous motor in will run at 27rpm+/- not 33! You may have to change the motor.
Got my calculation backward, it would run fast instead, about 40rpm.
Doesn't Audio Note now make that TT? The original Voyd I believe used Pabst motors (three of them) and they're still in business if you wanted to change the motors to 120V version, although using a SDT would be more cost-effective ;-)

What TA does it have, an Audio Note?

Audio Note bought out the Voyd TT in 1991?
Three Pabst motors is correct.
Changing the motors out to 120V would solve the problem?
I wonder what that will cost me.
Sorry for my ignorance, what is TA?.

Gary, TA (short for tonearm) thought it might have an Audionote tonearm. Doesn't Audionote still make that TT under their name?

In any case, Kenyon has a point about the 50 vs. 60Hz isasue.

The folks at Teres (turntables) seem to know where to source Pabst motors. Also, you might want to talk to someone at Origin Live.
If your problem is the other way around (taking a table that works here to use in England), you can buy a VPI SDS which will take any voltage and output 110V 60Hz.

I am moving to Singapore for a 2 year assignment, talked to VPI and they advised me my VPI Super Scoutmaster would work just fine.
Check on ebay for a voltage converter. They are relatively cheap for the lower wattage appliances.... a rega TT uses about 5 watts....You can find both US to UK and vise versa types...
Hi Gary,

I don´t know Voyd turntables, just that the company was bought by Audio Note, so I guess that Peter Q knows it better than me ... BUT:

I have read in their webpage that AN tables have AC-synchronous motors.
These AC motors vary their speed with voltage frecuency.
In UK frecuency is 50 hz, in USA 60 hz.

So if your table has a UK motor, you CAN NOT use it in USA.

A SDT will only change voltage, but not frecuency.
If you want to change frecuency you´d need a frecuency converter, which are (I think) much more expensive than a motor, and I don´t know if they work so fine as to be used in a turntable.

I think that the voyd has 3 motors and, if it´s not in production today, it would be a problem to get them, so you´d have to get another brand.

Sure there are more expert people than me.
Hi, Glory:
Which Voyd did you get? Did you solve your motor problems?
Dear Gary: I have my Micro Seiki " running " with a Radio Shack SDT from the last five years. It works with out any failure or compliant.

regards and enjoy the music.