Stello HP 100 Headphone amp

As I dwell in different countries during the year, I like the idea that this amp is switchable in international voltage. Would welcome experience with this headphone amp. In particular, its ability to drive headphones with more difficult load. Appreciate alternative recommendation as well. Thanks

BTW, some might refer to the forum, but I already searched and found little info there on the Stello HP 100.
Although these guys that custom build head amps are often head cases I would have one built for me. Custom orders seem to be very common in the small yearly output makers.
I have a Singlepower Extreme And haven't got a clue really whih model it is. It was a tough run with the guy but he sounds very pleasant I had my troubles with getting the product but he just sent it one day for no apparent reason. The sound is phenominal ,it is an OTL most of his line is and he sends along some pretty rare OS tubes to use. In the end I got a great head amp and recommend them. The only way to really get what you want is to call the proprieter and cheif engineer Mikhail and discuss it . He will make whatever you ask for or so it seems. E-mail me for more details.