Stello CDT200

Has anyone heard this transport? What are your thoughts in terms of sound and build quality. To what other transport would it most readily compare?
I know that I talked to you by email, but I wanted to post this for everyone else who might be curious.

IMO, the Stello beats my Theta Data Basic II to death in every area except the soundstage depth. The Theta's soundstage appeared to be say four feet deep, whereas the Stello's 2 - 2 1/2 feet. But through the Stello I'm hearing things that I hadn't noticed before, and all of the instruments and vocals sound much more natural and realistic.

Personally, I miss the soundstage depth of the Theta, but I sold it on Audiogon just the other day (week) because I couldn't listen to it even with the deeper soundstage that I love. The Stello sounds so much better in every other area that I couldn't go back to the Theta.
The Stello is a fine player. I've been to the main office and listening room of April Music over here in Seoul and was very happy with their equipment. Give it an audition.
I have a demo coming soon. I will post listening impressions as soon as I get it
Thanks for the input. I did end up purchasing one and love it