Steinway Lyngdorf Systems & speakers

Has anyone heard these in a great audio sound room setup?

I heard them in an A/V sound room and although they were pretty good, I felt they were not living up to the salesperson's claims (when do they ever)

He went on about how particular Steinway was about putting their name on a product, but I came away feeling they should have stayed with making pianos.

Any other experiences out there?
I heard their latest affordable, 2170 integrated amp at the RMAF, and was very disappointed with it all around. The room correction did work properly as described, but things sounded boring, 2-D,  and lacking dynamics. It was certainly not the fault of the nice Harbeth speakers they had hooked up to it.
I am both a Steinway LyngDorf and LyngDorf Audio dealer for the past 3 years and Room Perfect is not plug and play in order to get the most out it. Their are many options and only experience with the Microphone and set-up enable you to get the desired affect. As you know, all rooms Accoustics are different so this isn’t an exact science. If you would like to reach out to me directly you may do so -