Steinmusic SP 1.1s for my Wavac MD 300

I am looking for a great speaker match for my Wavac MD-300 stereo amplifier at 8 WPC.  A friend recommended a brand I am not familiar with, Stein Music SP 1.1,
using a carefully developed single driver, almost full range.  I would appreciate any comments about this brand if familiar and also thoughts on single driver full range vs high sensitivity multi driver loudspeakers such as Coincident Speaker Technology, to match with my low power SET amplifier.
Thanks to all contributors in advance!

Hello Normie57 - Check out Brian Charney Audio in Somerset NJ for high-efficiency, wide band width, single driver speakers.  He makes an honest product, well conceived and executed, at fair prices, IMHO.  I don't have experience with Stein Music or Coincident so I can offer no commentary there.
unless your room is small or your music has limited dynamic range, I think you will find that you will begin to hear an increase in distortion at higher volumes. SET amps begin to produce significant amounts of distortion as they go up in power output. Member Atmasphere has posted extensively on this issue and I have found his opinion on this to be correct in my own system. I think you would like the single driver sound very much at low volumes but as volume and or bass content go up power demands increase exponentially. This was readily apparent with a 300b amp on my 95 dB quasi full range speakers. 
Would a higher power SET using 845 or 6C33C tubes, let's say 40-75 WPC, possibly offer the best of both worlds?  Would I still need to consider single driver designs or 95 dB plus efficiency multi driver loudspeakers?  Thanks again to all.

That much power would work just fine, IMO, unless you have a huge room or want to reproduce concert level sound. 
Thanks so much Swampwalker and Fineito.  I found a recommended SET from
Audio Mirror with 45 WPC using 6C33C tubes in parallel single ended design.  Given a smaller room at 14 X 16 ft should this drive sufficiently my KEF Reference 3's at 87.5 dB sensitivity? I guess I'll try it before purchasing single driver or higher sensitivity loudspeakers.

Normie- The nominal impedance of 8 ohms is OK but the minimum of 3.2 is not ideal for a tube amp. Could not find an impedance w frequency graph to see how severe the curve is or what frequency the minimum is at, or if the published sensitivity is realistic.  I found that 30-40 WPC tube amps could drive my 89 DB Merlins just fine, but they had a very flat impedance curve @ 6 ohm nominal.  Maybe AudioMirror offers a return policy?  Be aware that the 6C33C tubes run VERY HOT.  Great sound but VERY VERY HOT.  I would not use them around young children or in a hot climate unless you have cheap power and good A/C.