Stein Music Speaker Match

Does anyone have experience with the Stein Music Speaker Match. I read some glowing reviews, and they're just $300 or so.
I got them in addition to Bybee Golden Bullets and am happy. They remove hash and deepen the soundstage. I believe there is now a more expensive upgrade as well although I have the original version
was it worth the price? would you live without it in your system?
I just retuned a pair about a week ago. I was lent a trial pair from TweekGeeks with the caveat that they seem to work about half the time. It depends on the speakers crossover, I believe. If it employs a Zobel type crossover, then it will have little to no effect.

My Tonians may have that type of crossover or maybe because the main driver runs full range and the super tweeter merely adds to the very highest of frequencies (which would require a simpler crossover?), it didn't improve anything.

You only have the cost of sending them back if they don't work so it might be worth your while.

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On the Duevel Bella Lunas they are well worth the money
Antigrunge Can you comment on the differences between the Stein's and Bybees? The Steins are a darn sight cheaper. I have used the Walker audio speaker links for some time, with a clear, but not dramatic difference noted. As commented with the Stein's, they seem to lower the noise floor and so increase dynamics a tad.
I have Martin Logan Prodigy speakers, and the stat panels
and woofers are now "as one," beautifully integrated.
It requires two sets of Steins per speaker, but they are well worth it.
I wipe them with anti-static fluid periodically and this enhances the benefit.
For me, they are definitely "keepers!"
That's a complex one: obviously the Bybees are expensive but their benefits go beyond what the Steins can do. Other than removing treble hash and better resolution they give the music flow. I think it comes down to a much better capture of leading edge impulses (zap) and decay (reverb). The Bybees are expensive but in a resolving system downright irreplaceable. While the Steins do a good job at removing hash and improving resolution they actually benefit from being combined with the Bybees in a 1+1=3 way. To make the thing downright confusing WA speaker chips and Audioquest ground controls do their own thing in addition to the other two, all good but obviously at risk of being seen as over the top;-)
I have two pair on my Joseph Audio speakers with Bybee devices (2 pair in each speaker) built in.

This combination along with Bybee devices in the electronics have been completely transforming as they are with Bob Levi's systems as described in his Speaker Match review in Positive Feedback wherein he posed the question "Are Speaker Match Devices audio's Holly Grail?" I also have Synergistic Research Speaker Cells which restore dynamics and provide amazing "slam" for both micro and macro dynamics that bring startling reality to the sound of instruments and voices.
Interesting -- because my system is much like yours. I have the Joseph Audio Pulsars with Bybee speaker bullets and SR speaker cells. I also have a Steinmusic Harmonizer, 2 Schumann resonance devices and a QRT Symphony Pro on top of each speaker with a couple of proprietary DIY tweaks added. The Stein Speaker Match Plus have added nothing to the sound in my system. They have actually constricted it. They are obviously very system dependent.