Stein Harmonizer's

The other night a dear friend and major audiophile brought by three (3) Stein Harmonizer's. We were simply stunned by how much they improved my system (Devialet 220/Harbeth 30.2's/Nordorst, Red Dawn speaker cables/Torus TOT AVR). The soundstage, clarity, dimensionality etc. were greatly enhanced.  Has anyone experienced anything similar? I was utterly incredulous until I heard the difference/improvement. 
Try the ADD-POWR Sorcer you will be amazed! I have a thread about in the Tech Talk section and Members review section.

Stein Professional harmonizer H1 (that's the unit I auditioned). They were phenomenal.  The improvement to my system was dramatic.  They are to audio systems what noise cancelling is to headphones. 
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My crystals and stones grid cabled and linked with batteries cost me cheap money and works...
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Is that the device that excites the air molecules and gives them a head start, allowing acoustic wave propagation to occur more efficiently. A lot like the Ultra Tweeters of yore. Is it quantum mechanical? You decide.

The Ultra Tweeters designer wrote, “It’s like a traffic cop 👮  at a busy intersection. When the cars are organized traffic flows faster and better.” 🔛
I begin a thread on another forum about this, and the crowd of "enlightened one" came quickly to bite me...I will not reworking that... 
You’re pretty quick on the trigger mahgister. You didn’t even let me finish writing my comment. Ouch! Very ouch!
Wrong thread Geoff ! :)
I hate to judge too quickly mahgister but it appears I know a lot more about the SteinMusic Harmonizer than you do. 🤗
I dont doubt that even a minute Geoff...I respect your experience...
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Lol Elisabeth you dont know all that is about our "romance"...But bromance or not Geoff is an interesting  and clever experienced non orthodox guy...I like that ...
I apologize for making Lizzie jealous. That was never my intention. 😬
But his head is sometimes closed like an anvil...:)
I'm sadly finding this forum virtually useless.  I simply want to ferret out other's experiences with the Stein Harmonizer's. What seems to be par for the course is a series of back and forth ad-hominem attacks. Not only that, cheaper alternatives that rarely, if ever, take into consideration the manufacturer's/inventor's livelihood, and his/her burden of bringing a product to market. What could otherwise be a fine platform for sharing information has become petty and devoid of serious insight, that's a shame....
"The capacity of humans for self-deception is unlimited" - Mr. Spock

Completely agree with you. Once these offenders lock onto your thread it’s time to just delete it. I was really interested in hearing about the Stein Harmonizer’s.
I too want to know more about the Stein Harmonizer's.  I'm still "high" from my initial exposure to them with my system.  Never would I have thought they'd have the dramatic effect and improvement that they've had.
You’re most likely looking for love in all the wrong places. My suggestion is search for a review of which I am certain there have been some thorough ones. 6 Moons, Stereo Times, Positive Feedback, The Absolute Sound. It’s a little bit out of scope here. 😳 No offense to anyone. It is what it is.
rmjg36 says:
I'm sadly finding this forum virtually useless.  I simply want to ferret out other's experiences with the Stein Harmonizer's. What seems to be par for the course is a series of back and forth ad-hominem attacks.

You just described every forum, ever. This is after all the internet- no editorial standards. No standards whatsoever. Like riding the bus. Sure Mikey Fremer took the bus once in his life. Still, to get on a bus and start asking riders about magical room treatments, don't be surprised when you get nothing but inarticulate gibberish.

What you want to do instead, use that little thingy called the search bar. Type in "browsers". Find yourself one that actually works like Duck Duck Go instead of force feeding you politically correct ideology like Goolag. Then use your non-Goolag browser to sift through all the bull and eventually figure out the answers to all your questions.

Again: sift through, and figure out. Its not gonna be wrapped up all nice with a bow just for you, you know.

Otherwise, if you come here expecting anyone to provide you with good useful factual information, boy are you ever in the wrong place. Like, I tried that one time. Simple request, how to wire a line level out. Not only did not a one of these people have even the slightest clue (and in the technical forum too!), the prevailing wisdom was you can kill yourself even if its not plugged in and don't spend $3 on parts spend $3k on a new amp. Seriously. What they said.

Now to be fair its not like they are all hopeless. (But man did you hit the motherlode!) There are in fact more than a few who are unbelievably expert and knowledgeable and even helpfully capable of communicating this in writing. Case in point. Even so, odds are your best step is to use the most non-Goolag browser you can find first.

Unless you come to enjoy bickering and blather. But please don't. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Here's a suggested test to see if the Stein product is in fact changing / improving the sound of your system. Assuming this device requires power have someone other than the critical listener switch it on and off at random (without being observed) and see if the listener can detect any change by raising and lowering his / her hand. This would provide at least a first round of objective evaluation of this piece of hardware. 
Miller is unfortunately correct in his statements.
However it should NOT be that way but present day internet attitudes are prevalent even in a specialized hobby forum.

Once certain pirahnas sink their teeth in you may as well say uncle.

Sad but true.
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When you control the mail you - Newman
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Thank you, I appreciate your candor and what I perceive to be, your integrity.  When auditioning the Stein's I literally took them out of the house and placed them in my backyard.  I then listened critically to my system with familiar music. I then brought them back into the room--all the while experimenting with their setup location.  The improvement they added to the music was startling.
Great information Audiotroy!
Thank you for sharing.
$4k for 4 is a lot more palatable than $3k each.

Makes me wonder how these and the ADD Sorcer4 would stack up against the PPT The Gate?

Would they all contribute to the SQ or might they be at odds with each other.

There is one thing for sure... Just when you thought your journey may have ended up pops a new contender!
OP your testing methdology mirrors our own, you take them physically out of the space and watch the system sound much more ordinary.

We also use Shakti Hollographs and Acoustic System Resonators as well. 

Uberwaltz all of these products are complimentary. 

We have also use the Audio Magic power conditioners best ever tested which also have a field generator in their conditioners.

We freaked out the designer of Waterfall Audio when we did the New York audio show and proceeded to unbox our Steins and Acoustic System Resonators and did the demo with and without them, his jaw was on the floor as he was compleatly incredulous that these kinds of producs would work. 

Shakespere summed it up perfectly there are more things in Heaven and Earth then in our phlosophy.  

These products should be pure fantasy except things like shuman resonance have been all proven, to be real, with products like the Stein's we have no idea how Mr. Stein came up with his idea but they really do work. 

We have so much more to discover why these devices work but they do.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Stein, ASI resonators dealer, Shakti and Audio Magic dealers
That’s my favorite line from dealers and reviewers, by the way. 🤗 Although in fairness the Stereo Times reviewer explained it very well IIRC. Or maybe it was Positive Feedback. 

“So for the doubters yes they work why exactly is the mystery but without a shadow of a doubt too many people have heard them work and work well.”
Do they work with the QRT, Audio Magic, and Bybee products? I saw a Stein Harmonizer set for sale for an excellent price that I missed out on, but I wouldn't want to potentially buy something that would potentially interfere with other products since I cannot recall what principal the Harmonizers are trying to work on and it they'd throw off the effects of the other products which all seem to work under  the same principal among themselves.
SteinMusic Harmonizers explained (from the Positive Feedback Review)

Holger is interested in resonances—resonances on many levels… in wire, in components, and in the air. Holger designs and manufactures various items to 'manipulate' or 'control' or 'mitigate' these resonances so that our music is more engaging… or simply put, more fun. He also makes a line of electronics and sources… way cool. 

With the Harmonizers, Holger wanted to treat the air so that the music being produced by the speakers is, well, better. That is, that it can travel or move easier through the air making what we hear 'better'. How do the Harmonizers do this? The following explanation originally appeared in the StereoTimes review of the Steinmusic Harmonizer system by Mike Silverton and works quite well enough thank-you:

"The air molecules in the listening room are propelled through the loudspeaker and thus transmit the sound. In order to elongate the air molecules from their rest position it is necessary to spend energy. It is easier to move them once they're in motion. This phenomenon is similar to static and dynamic friction.

"To move a large rock is not an easy task. But once in motion it's more easily pushed forward. The Stein Music Harmonizer works on a similar principle at an ethereal level. The air, which is not actually moved, is charged with information, producing the same effect. It is elongated from its rest position without much effort and is thus able to transport sound of a different quality. This is a working hypothesis. While it does not claim to be complete or even understandable, it's the sound that counts.

"With little understanding of the science behind the phenomenon, often times audiophiles take for granted that the sound waves we call music simply arrive at our ears. Neither sound nor electricity can travel in a vacuum. It is easy to forget that sound waves travel by riding the molecules that comprise our atmosphere, the very air we breathe. This atmosphere is actually a variable mixture that conducts sound waves as well as electricity. It can be dry or humid, fresh or polluted, just to mention several states.

"The air in the listening room differs from the ocean's atmosphere or that of the mountains. It feels different and has different qualities, which brings us to its ability to transfer sonic information. Air as a base for transferring audio can be distorted by influences such as electric charges (electro-smog) from all kinds of electrical products, e.g., heaters, air conditioners and of course audio equipment. Air that does not get exchanged feels stale compared to outdoor air.

@rmjg36, glad you are liking the SteinMusic Harmonizers. We are dealers for them in the UK. The sound with them becomes much more open and natural I find. I’ve been using them for about 2 years now and consider them as an essential part of the system now. I have them in the corners just behind the speakers. They combine with blue suns and diamonds, two of which are on the rear wall about half way up and two are on the side walls in line approx. with the speakers but high up towards the ceiling. Definitely experiment with the positioning and two more H1’s might be good along the rear walls.