Steely Dan's "Two Against Nature" on vinyl?

Was "Two Against Nature" ever released on vinyl? Am I searching in vain, or did I somehow just miss it? If it's never been available, is there any reason to believe that it one day will be? Thanks.
I have an import copy of this on vinyl. It's a wonderful sounding recording. Very nicely done. Not sure if it is still available. Try the following link:
Yes it appeared very briefly on vinyl when it was first released, pressed in "Europe".. doesn't state which country... my pressing is noisy and while the sound is good the vinyl itself isn't that hot. This title could use a high-fi re-do by the likes of classic records.
Wouldn't it be nice if someone did a remastered half-speed full box set pressed on high quality vinyl of all the Steely Dan recordings.
I've tried to get this vinyl as well and gave up when I heard that this was actually not mastered with Steely Dan's consent and is an inferior master from the cd.
Morph the Cat (Fagen) and Everything Must Go are great in vinyl.


straight from Walter Becker

Below is WB's text written for a recent newsletter

There have been questions now and again about the prospect of vinyl pressings of the "Two Against Nature" album. We have not mastered such a disc as of this time and so anything that you see out there along these lines is an unauthorized version. Such a pressing would incorporate all the limitations of digital audio (frequency response limit, converter artifacts, etc.) plus all the limitations of vinyl (phase shift, limited frequency response, noise, distortion, etc.). Also, such a pressing would also not have been done by us and so the aesthetic compromises made to master the album to vinyl would represent someone else's taste and judgement (or the lack thereof) and so I suggest you give this one a miss.

However, at the time the album was mixed, a set of high quality analog master mixes was made along with the digital ones, and, knowing that some people still prefer the vinyl format, we are exploring the idea of using these tapes to make a vinyl pressing at some time in the future. We'll keep you posted on this possibility as time goes on.

- W.B.
Just what we need, more mediocre reissues from Classic. I can hardly wait.

Thanks so much for the information. I'm glad that I never found one of the fake ones, and I look forward to one day getting the real McCoy from the boys themselves. I know that WB and DF are not Two Against Vinyl!
After reading the above comments from yesterday, I went home last night and listened again to my copy because I thought maybe I missed something. I have listened to this copy at least 6 times before.

SORRY guys, but mine sounds GREAT! It has NO surface noise and is ultra quiet. The dynamics are quite good and the vinyl is near perfect. Maybe mine's just an anomaly, but it is REALLY good....

I never knew that Steely Dan wasn't involved with this release. Wish the sale of this had put a few bucks in their pockets...I did pay ALOT for the tickets to see them at Red Rocks though.

thanks for the input, not to dish on this disc, I'm going by what other's said not actually listening to this disc
would love to hear something with less digititis

being that Steely Dan are such perfectionists their digital masters cut to standards that even a vinyl master from that would sound good

I have issues with the cd master, the dvd-a is slightly better

West of Hollywood is far too bright/shrill on the snare drum. I recall Roger Nichols needing to fix the master (see note below (gotta love google)
I thought Becker and Fagen had lost the top end of their hearing based on the mix

see Nichols story on this
The vinyl does sound good even though it was sourced from a CD. To my ears, it sounds better than the original CD release. I'm glad I have a copy of it. I was aware of the lineage when I bought it upon the initial release. I
recommend its' purchase if you happen upon a copy. There may never be an official LP release.

Well I never knew my LP was a fake(!!)
Now I'll have to go out and buy the CD(horrors!) to get the real thing