Steely Dan's Aja

Why the hell isn't this and other great music out in some type of Hi-rez format (sacd/dvda) bout DTS 5.1?......Can't the powers that be cut through all the bull and get some decent music out?...Enough is enough already....I ain't getting no younger.....
I bought it one vinly for 3 bucks. Beats the hell out of my mfsl copy.
It is available- check this review.
Tireguy, that's Gaucho.

Aside: I played the hell out of Aja when it first came out. When Gaucho was released, despite a lot of good songs, I was bothered by the way it sounded. It was detailed and spectacular in many ways, but seemed sterile and heartless. Was Gaucho recorded digitally?
I don't know for sure, but it's probably already slated for hi-rez multichannel. Part of the bottleneck is that to do it right the original artists have to be involved. I suspect it's probably a question of time commitment on Fagen/Brecker's part.
Drubin- I really need to stop posting early in the morning, I screw up every time!
Tireguy: Your heart is in the right place...
The Japanese vinyl pressing is to die for!
Agree with Flemke!
I too got the American pressed ordinary vinyl for $3 & am enjoying the heck out of it!! Don't need it in any other format!
i've got a 45 rpm original pressing of Deacon Blues SPDJ-33 that sounds absolutely incredible. my ABC copies of Steely Dan albums also sound better than reissues including MOFI's

a copy is never as good as an original, so the further out on the chain you get in copies likely the more info lost...i suspect that the digital versions total miss what the Dan are about.

"hi rez" that started this thread is really just a marketing game designed to take your money and watch you chase your tail.

enjoy the music
I would have to disagree. Hi-rez DVD-A and SACD are without a doubt better than CD. Less harsh,less hiss,and less titles. I have decided to step back from Hi-rez and give it a few years to get the players up to speed. I do not feel the the players are anywhere near "state of the art" yet. So I will go on the hunt for clean vinly on the weekends and enjoy my $3 finds.

Gaucho was digitally mastered. The best Lp pressing of it I have found is the half-speed master MCA "Audiophile Seres". More dynamic than the original pressing and not brittle like the Japanese version.

As far as high-rez, I will respectfully pass.
I'm with Bombaywalla and Flemke, i.e. perfectly happy with
the LP.
Flemke, what post of mine were you responding to?!?

Did CD get mentioned?
"hi rez" that started this thread is really just a marketing game designed to take your money and watch you chase your tail.

Unless I misunderstood what your saying,It sounds like your saying there is no difference between hi-rez and Cd's.
If not, what is the point?

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