Steely Dan "2 Against Nature" DVD-A passcode?

Does anyone know the passcode for the Steely Dan "2 Against Nature" DVD-AUDIO disc? There is some hidden BONUS material on it and I can't seem to find the passcode anywhere. I've searched the net and the steelydan website. Any help would be appreciated. Bufus
I have the disc too...never heard of this bonus do you get to it?
Same here, how about posting what you come up with, it would really be appreciated!
I am not familiar with this disc, but is this DVD-ROM information you are talking about??
If so, then you need a DVD-ROM drive on your computer to view it, and for some information you may need to be connected to the web.
ooops...I just have the DVD...never mind
Here is how my DVD Audio player's manual describes it: Some DVD Audio discs contain a special group called "bonus group" whose contents are not opened to the public. When loading a disc with a bonus group, "BONUS" indicator lights in the display window. The bonus group is always assigned to the last group of a disc (for example, if a disc contains four groups including a bonus group, "group 4" is the bonus group.) To playback a bonus group, you have to enter the specific password for the bonus group. A way of getting the password depends on discs. After getting the password, you can playback the bonus group by the following procedure.

While a disc containing a bonus group is stopped, select the bonus group number using the numeric buttons. The display window and on-screen display prompt you to enter the password as shown: KEY _ _ _ _

If you enter the password correctly, the unit starts playback of the bonus group.

I hope this helps explain the Steely Dan problem I'm having. It has a BONUS group but I can't find the password anywhere. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!