Steely Dan live last night

Wow, saw Steely Dan live in Philly last evening at the Tower Theater. Performance was outstanding. Music was very true to the original recordings. Full band with horn section and 3 gorgeous female back up singers. Place was packed and rockin!! Fagen and Becker are not "burnt out" as some suggested but just the opposite. Fagen was high energy. They peformed the entire Royal Scam album plus Dirty Work, Hey Nineteen, My Old School, Aja, Peg, Josie, & Reelin' in the Years as the grand finale!! Whew, what a concert. My ears are still ringing and we were in the upper balcony!! Good thing. Plenty of volume and bass.
Although they didn't play this summer at Red Rocks, I have seen them the prior three summers in a row. Steely Dan is still excellent and one of my favorite bands. Can't wait to see them again.
I saw them last year in Atlanta. Excellent concert and great musicians. Did they still have guitarist John Herrington and drummer Keith Carlock? Babylon Sisters and Peg were amazing....and I only wished they would have played My Old School....can't wait to see them again.
I caught Becker and Fagen at the New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2008. Fantastic! Jon Herrington was on guitar and the band was in fine form.
The last two times I saw them the sound was completely dreadful in venues I know can sound good. Screechy high end, no lyrics intelligable etc.

While they're one of my favorites, I'll stick with the CD's and DVD's from now on.

Glad you got a good concert.
Great feedback all. Thanks. Yes John Herrington and Keith Carlock both performed and both phenomonal. Keith's drum solo on Aja was fabulous!!

One of my all-time favorites. Their use of seasoned studio musicians always impressed. You can tell a Steely Dan composition from the first measure. Glad you got to enjoy them!
Steely Dan is artful, tasteful, brilliant ensemble playing, great catalog to draw from, and enthused to play. I saw them in late October on the last night of a three night run at the intimate Masonic Theater on top of Nob Hill in San Francisco, CA and it ranked among the top five concert experiences of my near 40 years of concert attending! It was "Internet Request Night" where they played requests all nights long which made the night practically "Greatest Hits Night". When the tour de force show stopper Aja is the third song of the night, you know something special is happening!!! They are unique, iconoclasic, American art-school cool, and a treat to hear and watch. Break the Certificate of Deposit the next time they come to town. After seeing them four times in the past five years, they always deliver the goods!
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