Steely Dan EMG Tour

Has anyone attended one of the Steely Dan "Everything Must Go Tour" concerts? If so, can you provide a set list or direct me to a site where I can find one? Thanks.
Oh, I found this set list in the time it took for this thread to be posted. BTW, for you Dan fans, "Gaucho" on SACD is scheduled for release August 26.

July 23 - Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA
What was played:
Set 1:
Time Out of Mind
Caves of Altamira
The Last Mall
Do It Again
Slang of Ages
Reelin' in the Years
Set 2:
Janie Runaway
Hey 19
Haitian Divorce (WB vocals)
Things I Miss The Most
Parker's Band (girls sing)
Kid Charlemagne
Don't Take Me Alive
WOW! I have tickets for the 14th, sure hope they stick to the same set list!
I am surprised to see Reeling in the Years in the set list. They've not done it in any concert I've seen.

Ziff, if your memory is clear :-), can you expound a bit more on the concert? Or, maybe just comment whether you agree with this review that I also found with respect to the July 23 concert:

"A new star entered the firmament of drum-lore tonight at Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, California: Keith Carlock. Mark it in your calendars loyal Dan folk, he da shit and everybody smelt it. More on him later.
Here we go:

1) some jazz classic no doubt that only the real aficionados will know; sounded like Ellington to me. No D & W, just the band.

2) on our boys come and BANG --- AJA

3) Time Out of Mind (I was out of my head by now)

4) Godwhacker DF messed up some lyrics: rip & chop & slice became rip & slice & chop

5) Caves of Altamira

6) The Last Mall DF wails on "roll your cart..."

7) Do It Again - could have sworn there were hints of Rikki in the intro

8) Slang of Ages yes, Walt did it beautifully with the girls, then the band intros all behind slices and snatches of Wilson Pickett's "Midnight Hour"

9) PEG - the interplay between Barney and Carlock was spot-on, they really communicate with each other especially when Carlock goes to the bell on the ride symbol and Barney does that "Sanford & Son" pluck and snap--yeow

10) Reeling in the Years Donald doing a "recitative" quick-time reading, the girls were a little flat --it's basically the 1993 Alive version


11) The Steely Dan Show that little snippet of a tribute to their own selves concocted on the European leg of Y2K

12) Janie Runaway by now DF was loosened up, great rendition and together with the next song comprised the "Jailbait Medley" as Donald chortled

13) Hey 19 - nice stripped down version where he never sings, "hey 19" - the audience did it for him

14) wait for it........HAITIAN DIVORCE BY WALTER! F**kin great, he pulled it off wow tremendous effects by Herrington and together with the next tune comprised the "Divorce Medley"

15) Things I Miss The Most Donald's all over this one, the lyric really is cunning and fun.

16) The girls render PARKER'S BAND great groove and they sway soo good.

17) A JOSIE that BELONGED to Carlock. His two solos brought the crowd to their FEET, he's hitting rim shots and double clanging the cymbals throughout a blistering solo wherein he changes time so seamlessly when he goes into overdrive.

18) Kid Charlemagne

19) Don't Take Me Alive


20) FM with special guest Dean Parks from L.A."
Yea, thats pretty much the way I saw it. Don't know the jazz tune but I liked the performance by the band w/o D&W. They played at the begining of each set (2) and at the end. Drummer (Carlock) is definitely a keeper but John Harrington on lead was phenom. Guess thats what you get if you have the genes and can work with Becker. Donald was....Donald. Forgot the words on chorus to Josie but didn't bother him and the girls seemed to get a laugh out of it. Actually took his glasses off (never seen that before). I enjoyed the show and like their new stuff alot.
So outrageous.....! :-)
8th row seats. Nice to see the boys up close. Unfortunately hi-jinx of 7th row folks ruined the show somewhat (the guy was eventually thrown out, but too late in the set.) Loved the drummer. Backup singer (white girl) in middle was distracting. I couldn't stop gawking at her. Was she beautiful, or was it the mood?

Sound too loud at our location, the mix hadn't congealed at the distance. Donald mixed hotter than on CDS... I liked that but my wife thought he was more whiney.

Somebody lit a doob down the aisle. Middleaged bald men were seen to hyperventilate wherever they were.

Set list above looks like it. Sure wish any of the major acts would take a little time to actually speak to the audience.

Can't wait for Gaucho SACD.
Caught the last show for this portion of the tour in Syracuse, NY on 8/31.

What amazing musicians, synergy and overall-a class act!

85% of the songs were the same as listed above. They did not play "Do It Again", or "Reelin."

Enchore of "FM" and "My Old School" was a great finale.

Drum solo in Josie was about the best I have ever seen/heard. WB commented "I wish I could do that."

Absolutely fabulous show!!!

and who new that a rock concert was also an art museum...what great video images!
Saw the final full concert in the tour in Concord California Saturday night. This was the tightest group I've ever seen them assemble. Fagen was in great voice and Becker still plays the prettiest and groovingest of gitter licks. Area homeboy Cornelius Bumpus played fantastically was specially honored with all band members donning T-Shirts bearing the likeness of Cornelius.

All of the standards were kick ass. The song off the new album were brilliant, especially Slang Of Ages and EMG. They played a few songs that I had not seen live in previous concerts including Parker's Band, Caves of Altamira, Don't Take Me Alive, Haitian Divorce, and, get this, Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More (sung by Becker). I was third row center and Becker gave me a nod during the song as I was wearing my NY Yankees hat.

The encore of FM/My Old School ripped the joint asunder.