Steely Dan CDs

Can someone recommend the best cd versions of all of Steely Dan’s recordings?
I have the MoFi version of Aja. Sounds fine to me!
I would check out the Steve Hoffman forums for this information. Undoubtedly there has been a discussion related to this.
Look for the thread on Hoffman forums that compiles all the SD findings into one place.There are many masterings for each release, and a hierarchy of best sounding ones. In my opinion the older MCA releases are best.

Edit: this is the thread.

Another +vote for the original MCA discs.

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I have found that, for the most part, the MCA recordings are superior to what followed them. Gaucho in 5.1 is a must have if you have surround sound--and its 2 channel is great too IMO. Having said that the Gaucho MCA is very good. Can't Buy A Thrill UICY 2122 SHM-CD and UICY-25036 Countdown to Ecstasy SHM-CD sound more detailed than the MCA IMO. Cost more too. I would buy them again, but I can imagine others would disagree on whether the difference is worth the price. Of course, Steely Dan's last two albums weren't MCA releases. Especially on Steely Dan albums, following dr loudness wars data and selecting the version with the largest dynamic range yields the best recording--even when comparing SACD to Redbook. I have done this exercise--so you don't have to :-)
The great news is that a less than stellar Steely Dan recording is almost every other artist's best record SQ wise. They lived in the studio listening to minute details and it paid off with a SQ catalog that is hard to beat.   
FWIW - I've usually had pretty decent luck by at least considering the data from DR.  Steely Dan offerings often do get pretty high marks from DR loudness, but not always...
It is true. This is how I ended up trying to separate wheat and chaff. But the chaff is actually pretty good.
Try Very Best of Steely Dan which is a 2 cd import with 33 songs.  I am a huge Steely Dan fan. This is one of the best recorded cds that I have ever heard. I just checked 15 bucks and change on Amazon. This sound is better than most of my SACD's.
@tuffy72561 Can you tell me what label this is on please? 
The SACD version of Gaucho is very well recorded and makes
 tasteful use of the multi-channel platform. Another good SACD
choice is Dire Straights "Brothers In Arms."
+1 for the DR webite.
I just last week got used copies of the Royal Scam and Pretzel Logic using the DR website for the versions with the most dynamic range (DR) more green, got them for $5 bucks each s/h on ebay using the Cat. no. of the best ones with the best DR and they sound fantastic.

Royal Scam

Pretzel Logic

Cheers George
Got me all interested again, just got a Gaucho using the DR website, for $10
Steely Dan - Gaucho 1984, MCAD-37220 DIDX 56   

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