Steely Dan Catalog on UHQR Vinyl

Wow, it isn’t even my birthday!  Okay, Merry Christmas to me!!!



For real Rock ’n’ Roll in fantastic master-tape sound, get the Analogue Productions Buddy Holly 33-1/3 LP. Buddy Holly, whose music inspired and was the template for the work of a lot of later (60’s, 70’s, and beyond) Rockers: McCartney & Lennon, Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Marshall Crenshaw, a couple of the guys in Fleetwood Mac (particularly Danny Kirwin), The Hollies (their name was intentional), The Stones, even The Dead.

Then get the Buddy Holly tribute CD (hey, it was issued in 1996 ;-) entitled Not Fade Away. It contains BH songs performed by The Hollies, The Mavericks, Nanci Griffith with The Crickets, Los Lobos, The Band, The Tractors, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Joe Ely and Todd Snider, Marty Stuart and Steve Earle, Suzy Bogguss wth Dave Edmunds, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Waylon Jennings with Mark Knopfler.

If I have to listen to one more audiophile reference album in my vinyl collection like any Steely Dan, please retire me to the funny farm. That's exactly why I am getting so involved in streaming, so I can make new discoveries every single day. Life is too short for listening to the same albums over and over. It sounds so much like the audiophile type with a 12 reference albums collection and experiencing the greatest sound ever. How boring. But I get it, to each his own.

This might sound crazy, but believe it or not, you can own audiophile vinyl and listen to a wide variety of other music, both analog and digital. 

At one time in my earlier life I owned practically every half-speed and other audiophile record.  As my stereo improved I liked them less and less in favor of the best sounding original pressings.  I have sold most of those compressed audiophile records now and haven’t looked back.

"Lastly, I can live with Aja, Gaucho, and a double album "Greatest Hits". I'm not familiar with any "non hits" song on their early albums."

You will be rewarded by checking out non-hit cuts on the pre-Aja SD LPs. "King of the World," "Barrytown," "Only a Fool Would Say That," several others. In law school a friend and I would converse in SD lyrics to the befuddlement of others. "No marigolds in the promised land." 'Oh, no, Guadalajara won't do." Etc.

As one who got on the SD train with their first album, and have found their earliest work to have their craftiest lyrics, some of their most iconic guitar work, and best all around music, I encourage you to listen to the full albums.  Can’t Buy A Thrill and Countdown To Ecstasy are not to be ignored. The HiFi got higher with Katy Lied and Pretzel Logic.  The pinnacle is Aja, IMO, but every album has some non-hit. gems.