Steely Dan

Was perusing YouTube tonight and came across this for-TV concert.  As a teen just getting into audio systems, Steely Dan was (still is) one of my favorites.  I don’t know how good or bad the sound of this is, but it sounds good on my tablet.  Thought I’d share the link.
Thanks for the link.  Steely Dan is my favorite group...ever!  I've seen them in concert well over a dozen times.  Have a ton of their material in all different formats, posters and memorabilia galore.

R.I.P. Walter
Loving it, I have to work and this is keeping me in the right frame of mind, except I think I need better computer speakers
Glad you guys enjoyed it.  I have been a fan of Steely Dan since their second album came out, but I have never seen them live.  I was saddened and surprised by the death of Walter Becker.  Donald Fagen always looked like the sickly one to me.  
Hi Theo: I use these in black. They're outstanding!
Thanks Yobi, I have looked at these but my workspace doesn’t have room. I have a Sonos 5 in the room but haven’t set it up to tap into the computer yet. Maybe a project when work stops in about a month.