Steamer That Plays and Rips CD's an has Internal Storage

I’m new to digital streaming and have a question for the group. I am looking for a streamer (for Tidal) that will also rip and play CD’s. It would have to have at least 2 TB of storage, preferably more. The reason for a one box solution is lack of space in my rack. I currently have a Apollo-R CDP.

My integrated does not have digital in, only analog in.

Any ideas? My budget would be about $2500.
Innuous Zen seems to have a good reputation, but I'm not sure if it streams Tidal.  Antipodes DX (used) is also highly regarded, but again, not sure if it streams Tidal.  

You might call Neal Berg at Sound Science, as he occasionally has used Music Vaults that will do exactly what you are looking for.   You will need a DAC.   I've dealt with Neal on several occasions and can attest he's great guy with excellent service after the sale. 

I have a Bluesound Vault 2 that both rips and streams.   It's a solid value for the money, but the internal DAC is weak and requires a good external DAC to sound decent.   The sound of ripped CD's is decent thru the BS Vault 2, but not as good as playing CD's through my Audio Aero Capitol Reference CDP / DAC... but I wouldn't expect the Bluesound Vault 2 to match the sound quality of a CDP that retails for more than 8x the price.
Easy- Innous! There’s the new Zen Mk3 that just came out. It’s 899 pounds or what $1,200 at 1/2 your budget. 

Check out YouT’s, John Darko new review on it:

@pdreher The vault 2 doesn't play CD's. A few years ago I bought speakers from Neal. He was very helpful.

Innous look interesting. Never heard of the company.
+1 on the Innuous Zenith iii

     A steamer won't play and rip cds but it'll sure get the wrinkles out.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Not sure the Innuos actually plays CD either.
About the only streamer, ripper and player I have read about is from Cocktail Audio.
But I have no idea on their quality.
You should look as Wolf Audio as their units are streamers, servers and can rip cd’s
Innuos. After several weeks of research I placed an order for the Zen MKIII last week. Innuos is 4 weeks out, waiting on motherboards.
Sorry about the misspelling, I usually proofread.

Cocktail streamers have FM, phono and HDMI out, really don’t want or need all that.
Wolf, out of my price range.

Innous looks interesting. Where are you located? I am in the U.S., concerned about support.

I'm located in KY and found a great dealer in Nashville, TN.   ATELIER 13 AUDIO, give them a call, extremely easy(and interesting) to talk with.
There is also excellent Innous sales & support via Alex at Alma Audio here in San Diego

i have no affiliation, except happy customer 
@tomic601 @marccr2
Thanks for the info.
It looks like wifi is not an option with the Zen MkIII.
It would be very difficult for me to run a wire to my rack.
Would one of these work?

You can sometimes use WiFi extender w network switch at your rack
i do this w several systems

Sony or many others. but all these I believe is over priced with build in storage. I would use external storage. You might want use SSD for low noise. You can read and write to SSD from regular hardrive very qick. I just a USB thumb stick.
Some people also do Ethernet over mains
i cannot vouch for sound quality w that approach 

this is where good relationship w local dealer can be critical 

I sold a bluesound vault2 to a member here who once he got it had not known it did not have wifi.
He used the powerline ethernet over mains as per your link and it was reported to work very well for him.
That's good to know. My house is on a concrete slab foundation. Running a cable through the attic and pulling it down inside the wall would be very difficult.
I have a Vault 2i.... I love it,  great value.  I'm also using a Powerline 2000 with great results.    I use it with an external DAC but it sounds really good on it's own in my opinion.
Antipodes servers can stream Tidal through Roon, Squeezebox Server or MPD apps that are pre-installed.